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Emmab when did you start? Do you have any tips? Im a bit worried about trying to find out the amount in syns if they army listed in the books :)


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It took me 7 months to lose 3 stone-had a few weeks off plan but back 110% for part 2 of my journey.
All the syns are online and if u have an android/iPhone there's an app with the syns on for members.
Once you get used to it the free food will automatically come 1st and the syns added later x


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welcome to the family, yes it really is true, like the girls above say make sure you're having your 1/3 superfree

make sure you're eating enough as well, trust in the plan,

as above as well the syns are either in the book, online or you can come on here and someone will jump in to let you know. try to syn things before eating them rather than afterwards, you'll soon get to grips with how many syns your faves are

good luck on your journey, remember everyones journey is different and progresses at a different pace xx


I joined slimming world in May 2011, I did it mainly to control my portion sizes and because of it I have lost 1/2 a stone and so has my husband by just eating what I eat. But as of 2nd Jan 2012 I really want to do it now to shift some weight. I've got used to the plan but my original idea of reducing my portion sizes hasn't changed much because there is just so much you cam eat on this extra easy plan, so my advice Kerib is eat as much as you like on the plan but remember to stop when your full, and you shall be fine, good luck with it and enjoy, welcome to slimming world. X