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Exercise on Lipo?

Hi Guys,

Been on Lipotrim for a week and a half and can't seem to shake the horrible coldness that comes along with losing weight. My fingers toes and nose are constantly cold. I sit in the evening with a duvet, hot water bottle and hot tea with the heat on and my boyfriend sweating in a tee-shirt. I want to do a hour on my exercise bike to warm me up (I'll prob only last 10 mins) but I'm afraid it will drain me completely.

Is anyone else exercising while in Ketosis and can you offer me any advice? I still want to be half competent the next day at work!
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Hi hun i would personally give it a few weeks before exercising to let your body get used to the lack of calories! I get light headed now sometimes and am starting week 10! I have just started to exercise over the last week and i feel firmer but to be honest im sure the increased muscle tone has slowed my weight loss down! I get weighed later, ill let you know xxx


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Yeah i know what you mean but better late than never hun! Just think of this summer and how much slimmer you will be...fact! xxx


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hi mammy loulou tracy is right about the exercise id leave it for a few weeks i only started in week 3 and it is hard work i used to do about 2 hours 3 times a week and now i only do an hour twice a week it does help with muscle toning and so far i dont seem to have any baggy skin tracy has a sit up team going we are all doing 15 morning and night so maybe you could join with us and do them?I know how you feel about the cold ive been out and bought some vests and i wear bed socks under my boots to keep the old toes warm but just think by summer(if we get one)you will have lost a lot of weight and not baking in coverup clothes as you will be wearing what you want !! xx
Thanks Guys, guess my man will hafta put up with me turning the house into a sauna for a few weeks:p

Might try the sit ups though, 15 you say? I'll go for 5 and see how I get on:eek:




weighs a lot less
tracy is doing more than 15 now god she will soon have a washboard stomach im still on 15 and my tum is tender to say the least 5 is a good start you can always work up when you get the hang of it x


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Oooh Lillie you singing my praises? lol before i gained all my weight and got pregnant i used to do hundreds of crunches a day and my belly was pretty toned! I had a section with Millie and a pretty hard time during and after pregnancy and so stomach muscles were ruined! I have always been adament i would regain my stomach muscles so here goes! I will have a washboard stomach once again!! we all can honestly, just start with a few and build up xxx


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I had a csection with my son...and when I started LT I got a slendertone belt....made a real difference and was getting a flat tum till I got pregnant again....

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