Exercise on TFR? do or dont?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by LipoLoser, 29 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Just as the title says really, what do people do? some people say dont, others say it really isnt that big a deal exercising

    what do you guys do and how much?
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  3. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hey there! I go for walks and I do squats and sit-ups to tone up. I think as long as you start off with light exercise and avoid things that could put on too much muscle (eg. weight lifting) you should be fine!
  4. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    I've just bought josie gibsons dvd, so I'm going to start that next week, see how I go ;-)
  5. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Hi for the first week i felt perfectly fine so i did a lot of intense exercise on the monday after my first weigh in. Determined to loose more, I over did it. I collapsed. I'm banned from exercise for four weeks to let my body adjust and i screwed up my weight loss on that second week. My advice is don't do any for the first two weeks then slowly start it, maybe a couple of 15-30 minute walks. Add in a few extras when you don't feel tired or anything from those walks until your at a reasonable level of exercise.
  6. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Thanks for that. I'm having a really faint day today and I'm only on day 2 so I know if I feel like this I wouldn't be able to do anything. I feel very sleepy but I know it will pass x
  7. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    I didn't really have side affects just Mother Nature which still hasn't gone and getting cold quickly :( but because of this I didn't realise what i was putting my body through. The best thing I can advise is to do things slowly and only when you feel ready
  8. HopefulGirl

    HopefulGirl Member

    Hi, I think a bit of exercise is really important... As long as you are kind to your body and don't overdo it. The poor things are only on 400 cals so don't do too much. I'm walking and have an exercise bike.
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  9. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    I'm on week 3 now of vlcd. Doing week one of couch to 5k. I'm now redoing it untill it feels comfortable. Then I'm going to move up
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  10. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Thanks for your reply. I'm having a bad day today, felt fine this morning but keep thinking about food today. The wife is cooking chicken and it smells beautiful. I can't stop thinking about Yorkshire pudding either lol. So I'm revisiting my old pics to keep me motivated. My mouth tastes manky, I'm sick of water and my wee smells like it's sewer water.... Hmmmm
  11. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    Hi! Tomorrow is day 2 for me. How are u!
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  12. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    Sorry realised it was a week ago. Hope u got the results u wanted
  13. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    I'm trying to do 30 mins of Cardio 5 times a week. Nothing major just 10 mins brisk walking on incline, and 10 mins of bike & rowing.

    I initially tried taking my evening shake an hour before the exercise but found it just made me feel sick. The last couple of times I'm exercising before my shake and just drinking lots as I go.

    It's enough to get my heart rate >150bpm so I'm hoping that'll be enough until I'm back on food when I can hit the weights and try and bulk up a bit.
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  14. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    I do a fair bit, but have cut down from what I did pre LT. Go with what your body tells you and drink lots while you exercise!!! Being on LT can be a hard and lonely journey and I always find that I'm in much better spirits after having done some exercise, so it also helps on a mental level .... Good luck!
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