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Exercise time/calories = syns??



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For food without free food allowance (eg. crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets etc) a good guide is around 20 calories per syn.

However, doing more exercise doesn't 'earn' you any more syns - I believe Weight Watchers used to have a system whereby you could get more points by doing exercise, but this doesn't transfer to SW principles - at least not as far as I know!
It would be good if sw did this but I don't thin they do so that you have to burn off the extra cals! In my mind its better if they do that. Size it encourages you to work out for the benefits it gives.

Lesley xx
shame, that would be good. I thought i heard it before - must have been WW :-(
But on the plus side the more exercise you do the better your weight loss is each week, I stay to 5-8 syns a day I keep all my meals syn free (I only do EE) so I have a hifi/ fibre plus bar as my pudding after my evening meal and so have 5 syns at night time watching tv, usually chocolate :0) x
SW doesn't allow extra syns for excercise because it allows unlimited carb/protein dense foods, so you don't need the extra calories. It encourages you to fill up on good food rather than empty calories which is what allowing extra syns would mean.
Surely it defeats the point of doing exercise if you're just going to replace all the calories you've burnt off?!
Surely it defeats the point of doing exercise if you're just going to replace all the calories you've burnt off?!
Indeed overcompensation is a big problem with exercise and by not rewarding exercise with extra syns they are trying to take away the idea of "oh ive excercised I need a Mars bar for energy." Pasta, and low fat protein is the way forward for glycogen replenishing and muscle repair to avoid future injury.
I know that personally, if I've done an exercise class or worked out at the gym I'm far less likely to eat naughty / unhealthy treats as I'm thinking, is it worth 20 mins on the treadmill?? Usually the answer is no.

(Although that tablespoon of creme fraiche on my strawberries at lunchtime WAS worth it).
I used to work on reception at a Local Authority gym and it was actually quite funny watching people go in, only to come out again 20 minutes later and go straight to the vending machine to buy chocolate. There were always 2 particularly large ladies who would spend no more than 15 minutes in there and would always reward themselves with TWO mars bars - Their gym habits probably meant they were consuming more calories than had they stayed at home!!

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