Back again.


Back once again, never going to give up trying.

I am currently giving calorie counting from home a try after doing SW for many years and not getting anywhere. The plan works but its me that struggles with it. I know I lose better if I have a weigh in class but of late I am really struggling with anxiety and sitting waiting for the leader to come to me and ask questions is making this worse so am going to go it alone with hopefully some help and friendship from here to help me.

As I have got older it seems harder and harder to lose weight and I need fewer and fewer calories to even STS. Going to up my exercise and try and plan what I am going to eat for the week and only buy what is needed.

I am going to do this slowly and not expect to lose 7lbs a week every week but be happy with a pound or two. Be kind to myself and learn to like what I see. Any help and guidance on this long journey will be welcome.
Layla x
Hi thank for your reply

I feel that I have had a goodish week" Managed to stick to my calories 5 out of 7 days and the other two weren't too bad. Thanks for asking.