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Exercise? What do you do?

I like exercise I consider it my 'me' time. I do

Yoga - 1 hour and a half class a week
Treadmill - 40 mins 3 times a week - jogging about 28 mins and walking the rest
Walking - 40 mins 2-3 times a week


Minimin Addict
Errr i do none atm, mainly because i have chronic asthma and joints that hurt doing everyday things, let alone a workout. But i have just bought a swimming costume and if i can get the nerve i will start going swimming a couple of times a week,
Usually the WII but telly has broken so no wii for me for a while :( now i just rely on walking around none stop at work and rushing about to do exercise


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
I'm trying to do a little bit more each month.

So far:
Swimming 2 x per week

Walking (long distance) at least once each week (minimum 10 miles). More recently being doing 22+ miles each weekend.

Running for 20mins 2-3 x per week (though I think 'running' would be being slightly optimistic, more like run-walk-run-walk but I'm building it up!)

It's never enough though is it? I wish I was a proper gym bunny but I can't bear the thought of exercising in front of men!
I go kickboxing twice a week for a hour. It's great because I go with my boyfriend, which means we get to spend time together but doing something completely different. Also, relieves so much stress and is an all over workout. Burns around 800 calories per hour.

I also walk as much as possible and do a spin class once a week. x


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Go to the gym at work for 30-40 mins a session 3x a week
Record workout sessiong from sky and do them on the 2 days i dont go to the gym.

Hoping to go swimming every other Sunday morning aswell soon :D
I walk to work 5 days a week which is 30 minutes each way.
I also do the wii fit and just dance on alternate days and i go hula hooping classes once a week.I also want to start zumba classes! x


plodding away
Wow - well done all, now I feel even more lazy. Am an exercise phobic myself even the thought brings me out in a cold sweat. I thought I was being good doing 10 mins on the wii and I cant even manage that every day. Note to self - could do better.
Just rejoined the gym and the staff have been lovely. They showed me all the resistance weights so now I can do some cardio and then resistance- its nice to have a variation as treadmill or bike gets boring quickly. Trying to go 3 times a week at min. Getting started is the scary part though and I find it easier if you can integrate into ur social life- my boyfriend and I go to the gym together so we can spend time together while getting fit.
Good luck with everything
I dance (tap,ballet,disco,jazz,street and hip hop)
twice a week for 3 hrs each day

I try to do 30 mins on tredmill aswell when I can :)
I walk just about everywhere--averaging about 10 km a day. My legs and bottom look better than they ever did in my life and I'm saving bus money, win!
Those of you that use the wii fit, how good is it?

Would like to get one, but don't know if could justify the cost. Does it burn off those points???

I think the WiiFit is fun, but if you want something better for burning calories, go for the EA Active Personal Trainer one. I think it is a bit more serious, more exercise based. Its like a fitness dvd in the way its presented, but you can do it more at your own pace.

or... for pure calorie burn - Go for Just Dance, and crank up the volume... its ace fun and really works I think!!!

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