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Exercise... what's that?!!!


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Just been wondering how much (or how little) exercise people have been doing on CD 100% and how much it's helping you?

I have been pretty lazy, partly because of CD and partly because weather is so cold/icy/wet that I can't even drag the dogs out for a walk some days. I live a long way from a gym or pool, which makes those options harder, too. I do like walking and swimming and want to plan in more exercise to try and push the weight loss along a little bit... thought I'd see what other people are up to!
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I have just started jumping on my mini trampoline for 20 mins.

My CDC told me 20mins of exercise 3 times a week is good after the first 3-4 weeks into the diet.


Trying to stay healthy!
hi katycakes, i used to be a regular gym goer but had to cancel my membership due to financial reasons and it ended in Dec, but for the last 3 months my visits were becoming less frequent anyway as i was getting bored with it plus I started CD in Sept and found i didn't have the energy whilst SS'ing. Santa kindly sent us a Wii fit for xmas and i've been using that pretty much every day since and I love it, not sure whether it's a good enough replacement but it's so much more fun than slogging away in the gym and i'm certainly not getting bored yet! Did you know Cambridge produce a fitness with Cambridge booklet? my CDC showed it to me last night, it's got lots of tips on excercise and getting more active aswell as showing you some excercises you can do at home...maybe you could ask yours next time you're there?

I've just orderd myself a fitness dvd which was done by claire who use to be in the band steps.......dont know how i'll handle doing excercise to steps music but its suppose to be a really good DVD.
I walk the dog for a good hour each day (never stopped that when started) and have been doing slow toning excerise, and this week I started a dvd (the sonja from ender's one! Need a new one though she drives me crackers!!)

I also want to get back onto my treadmill, before xmas I was doing 30 slow mins jogging (then eating after:8855:)


Stubborn tortoise
Gunna-Make-It, I had a mini tramp a few tears ago... it rusted and died in the garden, to my shame. The kids liked it, but I didn't really get into it. Think I will try ramping up the dog walks, Berry, as that's something I have to do anyway... don't have a wii-fit, alas. Lots of good ideas, & now I am past the first few weeks of CD I know I need to build more movement in... will make the effort to get to pool next week, too. It'd be a treat... and a challenge!

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Hiya Katycakes

I've been doing exercise dvds 2-3 times a week since two weeks into CD, mainly toning exercises with light weights, and some Tae-bo. I also walk my dogs at the weekend for a couple of hours. I can't say it's affected my losses either way i.e. I still lost my usual amount during a couple of weeks when I didn't get to do anything. However after the first couple of stone I was starting to get slightly crinkly skin on my upper thighs...since increasing the intensity of my taebo workouts (lots of squats and kicks and stuff) they're smoothing out again.

Hope this helps xx
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I dont know if this helps but i was told to be careful with some exercise on CD as muscle weighs more than fat so it could hinder losses on the scales. Walking, swimming and a bit of cycling have been fine but i do find that on SS i get unbearably hungry if i do too much. I do 40 mins walking a day with the dog and it seems to be working :D

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