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  1. Betty

    Betty Full Member

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    Hi girls - I am on day 9 of LL and finding it OK now I have got over the sleepy stage!!

    Does any1 do exercise and does it increase your weight loss? My councellor told us not to excercise last week but feel like I want to go out on my bike for a bit now.

    Will I have a better weight loss?
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  3. Vorlina

    Vorlina Full Member

    it's unlikely to be better (heck, it's pretty amazing without the exercise!) but you are definitely encouraged to get out and about. We'll need to get into that habit to keep it all off!
  4. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I've been going to the gym 3 times a week and also doing 1 pilates class a week - didn't do anything on week 1 but have been fine since I started at the gym and have already found that I can do more now than I could at first.

  5. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    I think if you feel like exercise then go ahead, just listen to your body and stop if you feel tired/sore. Don't go over the top and you will be OK.

    Katie, thanks for recommending this site its great (you knew me as Arwen!)
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  6. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Hi - glad you came along .... it's a brilliant site, really friendly and supportive ....and a good laugh too!

  7. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Hi Cath,

    There is nothing wrong with a bit of exercise if you feel like it.
    Just think, it will build you some extra lean muscle tissue that burns a million times more energy than not having it :)
  8. Cake'n'eat it

    Cake'n'eat it Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi Betty

    The best thing is to go with the flow. The girls in my group who did exercise didn't neccesarily lose weight any quicker. I decided not to start something I would finish so I didn't take up the gym or anything because I knew it would be short-lived. During foundation I just tried to be more active when I felt energetic and took the dog for walks, used the stairs at work, parked further away - that sort of thing. I have recently re-taken up Salsa which I stopped about six months ago - I am really enjoying it and plan to make it a permanent fixture.

    If you fancy going out on your bike then go for it but if you haven't exercised for a while don't go tooo mad. Enjoy the ride!
  9. Smileyhope

    Smileyhope Member

    Throughout my lighterlife journey I have always found that the weeks I do lots of exercise are the weeks when I dont lose as much!! This annoyed me greatly at the start, especially when doing excerise took a lot of effort and motivation. Now, however, my attitude towards exercise has changed and I don't do exercise just to see an increase in the weightloss but because after exercising I feel better and I have actually started to enjoy it! Also I think its important in order to stay toned.

    I think it is important to find an exercise that you enjoy, I joined the gym and despite trying really hard to make a commitment it lasted all of three weeks. I have now joined netball team and tennis club and exercise no longer feels like a chore.

    Bike rides are good although I now have bones in my bum I never knew existed and the saddle really hurts!!
  10. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I agree with you re the toning Smileyhope, that is the main reason I'm doing the exercise. I've figured that if I exercise as I lose the weight then I should start to tone up which means that I'll be in that bit better shape at the end. I've got a lot to lose (about 10 stone in reality) and I'm worried that if I don't do any exercise that at the end of the weight loss journey I'll look and feel worse - plus I do feel better when I've done a bit, even if it's just having been for a walk.

  11. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet

    I am absolutely sure this is why i lost 7 lb this week because i have been on treadmill (just fast walking) for an hour three times last week whereas previously i have only done half that and lost 3-4lbs. This was the only difference!

    Christina x
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