Dukan Diet the Caribbean way

Did Dukan over 10 years ago but didn’t complete the cruise stage but at that time didn’t have much weight to lose.

I’m now 47 staring menopause in the face and over 10st which at 5ft 1 is technically overweight.

I gave up alcohol and cigarettes 6 years ago but my addiction to sugar has always felt out of control.

I have read up on loads of diets over the years and tried a few. Dukan and Atkins are the only ones that stopped the sugar cravings quickly.

I have a couple of Dukan books but all the recipes are pretty bland and don’t eat a lot of dairy apart from Ice cream, milk in coffee and yoghurt & cheese occasionally.

I’m born in UK with Jamaican heritage. Don’t like chilli hot food but hope using a lot of spices based on Caribbean recipes and marinating overnight will make it more sustainable and not so boring. Going to reduce the salt content of recipes, use my airfryer to cook or seal meat. Use yoghurt instead of coconut milk. Sauté onions in chicken stock.

Dukan seems to have gone out of fashion and replaced by Keto but hoping keeping a diary will keep me accountable. Fingers crossed :)
Welcome, Mellow Yellow. I look forward to following your progress.