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Exercising & work!

I, like many others I suspect sit in an office looking at VDU's most of the day. Recently I've taken to walking at lunchtimes and in my spare 30 minutes can get in a good 1.5 miles - I'm now doing this every day (working towards my Bronze, Silver and Gold awards) and actually quite enjoy it. I am feeling much fitter and stamina is increasing. A good brisk pace in the Autumn cool is great - so much so I want to just keep walking and not go back to work.

The dark nights are not very good, but at weekends I'm also putting in a few mile each day and really seeing and feeling the benefits. The usual aches and pains are melting away.

Can't weight for the light mornings and nights - will do an hour before and after work too.

I'm spending much less time in front of tv and pc now (well apart from now of course).

Anyone else discovered the joys of walking or any other activity they'd stopped doing?
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I will be a yummy mummy!
This is something I need to do - I have a terrible habit of working through my lunch (well I say working, but I'm on here half the time lol!)

So I really need to start going out for a walk for an hour lunchtime - my energy levels peak in the middle of the day so I struggle to find motivation to do anything when I get home at 6pm and there is no way I'm getting up earlier to do anything lol (get up at 5.30am/6am as it is)!!

And I don't have any excuse whatsoever when it's dry so I will go out for a lunchtime walk... starting today!
I have always been a bit of a walker but doing it a lot more recently, I haven't found it has helped :( Back in June, over second and fourth week, I did a 100km challenge which included any outside walking I did and jogging on the Wii Fit. Both weeks, I lost 2.5lbs. I probably cover more than 100km in a month now but losses are very very very slow and it's demotivating. However, I continue to walk whenever I have the chance because I know cold days are around the corner (or already here in the case of Manchester but I can hack it!) and then the only exercise I'll be doing is running for buses! :p

In other news, I have started going to Zumba classes, my first one was yesterday and I came home and got on the computer straight away to find another class today so will be going to that in 3 hours! It's not an activity I've done before but I did used to to dance quite a bit, just around the room and stuff... But since moving up to the loft, I've not wanted everyone downstairs to know what I'm up to with the banging of the floorboards :eek:

Oooh and I will have to start doing sit-ups again, as recommended by Jim to tone up my tummy, it doesn't want to budge :(

Ali xxx

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