Exploding Porridge

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    Has anyone else encountered problems when microwaving their porridge?

    I made some at work yesterday in a bowl with microwave film covering it and it boiled over.

    I have since bought a taller microwaveable container with a vent, the porridge came out of the vent today!

    Any tips on getting round this problem?
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    Yes ! I nearly cried when this happened as I was left with about a spoonful to eat! Best way I find is use a lower setting on microwave use a very deep bowl and literally watch it as it warms up as soon as it rises I open the door let it settle then blast it Again works for me I do look like a bit of a nutjob at work staring into the microwave but it works :)

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  4. Caz can do it

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    I find that when I use a plastic bowl it explodes. But when I use a ceramic/glass one it doesn't.

    I also only microwave for 40 secs rather than the recommended time.

    Hope that helps.

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