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Extra Easy


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I did extra easy for my first week and lost 4.5lbs am doing it this week and hope for 2-3lb if my scales are fairly accurate.
I love extra easy I dont even mind if the losses slow down to like 1lb a week as it is so easy and no deprivation.


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There are LOADS and loads of people who do EE and have FANTASTIC losses on it! My sister being one of them - she's only ever done EE since joining SW and has had some brilliant losses :)

I did it all last week though and put on 2.5lb :eek: although i think that was mostly down to TOTM so i can't *really* put the finger of blame onto EE!

My problem is i'm greedy and if i'm given a choice of EVERYTHING to eat, then i'll eat EVERYTHING :eek: lol

Good luck with it though! So many people swear by it, it's at the very least worth giving it a go for a few days :) xx


Lover of Extra Easy
I have only done EE since I rejoined SW nearly 5 weeks ago.
I lost 4 pounds the first week, then STS for the next 2, and lost 1 1/2 last week.
I, now, am almost certain that I miscalculated what I thought was free when I STS and I was gutted as I thought I was so good.
Never mind, I am much more careful now.
I MUCH prefer EE to red or green and find it so easy to do. I really don't mind what I lose each week as long as I generally lose.
Personally,while EE works for me I won't go back to Red or green.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've lost 19lbs on EE, the only gain and the sts's were down to too much wine! It's so much easier than all that weighing, you only have to weigh your 1 hea and 1 heb.Go for it!


Bring it on!
I've done the last two weeks as EE and lost 2lb abd 2.5lb respectively. i was pleased with that as i'd done red/green till then. It makes a nice, and very easy, change!


A moaning old boot!!!!
I only ever do EE really (sometimes end up having red/green by accident!). I LOVE IT, it really does do what it says on the tin.
I am a fussy eater and so is my OH so EE is perfect for us as I could fit in most of the kind of meals I used to have. Even my OH likes it and hes not following the plan. My losses have been good, between 1lb and 4lb every week, only STS one week and that was due to TOTM.
Again.................I LOVE IT!!! x x

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