extra easy?


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I thought that as I always did alternate, but really it's great-as it so easy! Hence the name. Just give it a go, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised :)


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Don't knock it till you've tried it ;)


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100s of people will disagree with you. It does work!!

like someone else said, you get just 2 healthy extras instead of 4, one A and one B.

and you add a 1/3 superfree to your meals, which helps to control your carbs and protein portions, so you CAN eat them together.


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hannata said:
you only get 2 HE, rather than 4

Yeah but you don't necessarily need them! Alot of people use their HEB on red on potato and pasta and like wise on green for meat etc but with extra easy you dont need to! Which is why they've reduced them :)


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Extra Easy really does work :)
I once asked my consultant how they came across the plan and she said apparently when some people first did sw they didnt really understand the red/green plan therefore were mixing it, she said they called it traffic lighting, as these people were combining the two plans.
Then sw looked into it more and figured out that people were still losing weight even though they were combining the plans. So they then decided on the Extra Easy plan and so far it has been very successful.

I highly recommend you give it a try, I know it seems abit daunting at first to think you can have all that food but it does work :D

Stacey xxxx


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i thought the same about the plan as before when i done it i always stuck to red and green.. had my first way in last night after a week of extra easy and i had a loss of 4.5lbs which i was really pleased about.
the plan is so easy to follow, i didnt think it would work but it did for me, trying again this week with it.
give it a go, you might be suprised


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When I first tried EE I wasn't eating my third superfree and (suprise suprise) I didn't lose much weight. I'm having another go, and being strict re my fruit and veg. It does mean that eating out is so much easier, and there's a lot more freedom with recipes.


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Morning all, I only do EE and I have lost 5 stone since may!! So I would say that it's working wouldn't you!! Go on give it a try, you never know you might like it :0) just make sure you are strict with the (at least 1/3 superfree) with every meal if you can't put it with the meal have fruit salad afterwards xx good luck xx


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another fan of EE here! i can't get my tiny mind around the red and green so do EE instead. dropped 9lbs officially so far in 2 weeks which isn't bad :) although i get an extra a or b as i'm breastfeeding, i swear that's my secret weapon!:)


Tinkerbellarella said:
another fan of EE here! i can't get my tiny mind around the red and green so do EE instead. dropped 9lbs officially so far in 2 weeks which isn't bad :) although i get an extra a or b as i'm breastfeeding, i swear that's my secret weapon!:)

EE every time for me i love it!!


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The way my consultant described it was that it was a hybrid of the two plans. As long as you stick to the 1/3 of each meal veg/salad/fruit rule you will loose I'm sure! I've lost 4lbs in the last couple of weeks and am loving it!

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I was so unsure of whether it would work last week but it did I lost quite a bit. I am very careful to have my 1/3 superfree, sometimes I up that to 1/2 and I find that does help control portions of carbs etc and superfree in snacks. I was pleasantly suprised by it and now I'm really positive about Extra Easy.

Something I really like about it is that it is more like the way most people eat and seems less a weightloss diet more a healthy eating plan and I like that, it's for life rather than a period of time.


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LOVE EE!! :D I really do, it's such a super plan and as someone said before great for when you are out as you have so much more choice. I'm celebrating my stone and a half award today and it's been EE all the way (apart from a rare green day when I have no meat in). Good luck xx


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This is what I always say to EE sceptics..... SW wouldn't introduce a plan, and sell it as their main plan, if it did not work.

It works because:
You reduce A's and B's
You have a third superfree with your meals
You try to have superfree as snacks
You naturally reduce the red/green foods because you can have both on the plate at once

If you follow the rules then EE does work, it's when people don't have the superfree or snack on red/green foods a lot that it doesn't work.

Trust it :)


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Thanks for all the replys. Think I'm understanding it a bit more now. I've just made a massive veg lasagna using natural yogurt (fat free) and half fat cheese. Very tastey. I'll probably be on green this week as I've got no meat in and learn more about ee. It's giving me such a buzz knowing I can go to group next week and be with people like me. It's really motivating and doing the food diary helps cos you can see how healthy you are eating. Great descion to go back xxx


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Good luck Nin,

Another extra easy fan here. I've lost almost all of my weight on EE (occasional green days because I like having more HE's). I have big meals and eat loads of food that I really like. Although I acknowledge that there will be people around who have faster losses on red or green, for me I think I couldn't have lost any faster on the other plans. So go with what suits you most because the plan that is likely in the long term to give you the best losses is the one that you stick to.

Good luck.

Gail x