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Extra Easy

K Dee

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I tried online and failed, for me joining a class has kept me on track. Good luck if your determined enough you'll do it.
I signed up for SW online just over a week ago and so far so good for me.

The EE plan is explained and there are PDF files for lists of free foods, healthy extras and syn values so you can print them off, we've printed them and put them in a little file for us to have as a quick reference guide.

I don't think online is for everybody and their definately isn't as much support online as their would be at a group but as I said, so far so good for me and the members on here have been very helpful in supporting me with any questions I have had.

Good Luck!


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Thanks for the replies. I really have to do something, so think I will sign up & give it my all....

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I have signed online as I cannot get to classes any more. I have lost a total of 40lbs and needed the comfort of my online diary again.
It will work you just need your own determination,
I use Saturdays as my weigh in day and I take a photo of my scales on my phone so if I have any doubts I look at my phone, which is proof I am losing weight.
Please message me if you need any help or just a moan, more than happy to help
Good luck


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If you're determined and just want the information so you can get on with it you should be fine. I do it online and it's been good for me. Good luck.
Im doing the plan on line i did very well at first but now im on plateau but this as happened when ive gone to class in the past. I know with determination i'll get there. Good luck every one xx


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(7.13%)
Well that's me all signed up now for 3 months. Many thanks for the support.

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Good luck! xxxx
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Hi Nickie
I have also signed up online and start next Monday.
But i must be a real div - as I just don't get the orange Days. I get the red and green days, but just don't understand what i can eat on the orange days. I understand the HEX A&B, and superfree foods, and syns... but just can't grasp Orange!
I thought maybe it was a mix of green and red in one meal - but that can't be right??!
I'm not normally so thick, and really winding myself up over it now.
Good Luck on your journey.

Orange is extra easy plan. I've lost 9 lbs with this way. Hopefully another couple will fall off for this weeks weigh in. Best way to lose weight is also get plenty of exercise. I feel better for walking for 40 minutes a day. I know I'm getting stronger I can even run upstairs instead of trudging. Good Luck everyone :D


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You are right - it is a mix of what you can have on green days and red days in one meal. The rule to remember (which I completely missed to start with) is you should fill one third of your dinner plate with items on teh list tha are "superfree" and these should be your first choice for when you're looking for something to snack on between meals too.

I have to admit that although I really like the flexibility of Extra Easy (orange days) I've done 5 days of Green this week and I'm absolutely loving it. My only setback now is a freezer full of extra easy meals I made last week!! I intend to now use Extra Easy just for those days when I can't have prepared meals with me e.g. when I go to football, and hangovers days.

I'm an onliner too and I missed lots of information by scanning the getting started pages thinking "I know this bit already". Read through everything several times.

Good luck to you both.

Zoe x

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