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If it's a one off, I wouldn't worry. If you feel dizzy all the time, it's worth seeing them. Are you drinking enough water? As it could be low blood pressure if you're not keeping up your fluids. If you feel your food isn't sustaining you, you could add an extra pack or half pack daily.


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It happened to me last week but it was stress and exhaustion related. Just make sure you have your packs in regular intervals and that you drink enough water.
If it happens again def see your gp. Just to be sure there's nothing more serious going on.
Hope you feel better soon :)

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Hi Carly
Sorry you fainted, must feel quite scary.
You haven't got your stats on your user CP so I can't tell how long you've been doing LL, what stage you are at or how much you've lost etc.
All these things make a difference. Have you been on packs since September?
Are you drinking plenty of water, little and often? Not exercising too much?
You could ring NHS Direct or your GP Surgery tomorrow if you are concerned.
Or it could be nothing related to LL at all................?


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I very occasionally feel dizzy. It may just be a one-off thing for you, but it can also be blood pressure related. See if it's a bit on the low side the next time you go for your monthly checkup. Also, if you're not doing it already, try adding salt to your savoury packs as our LLC says this can help with blood pressure problems.
Thanks for all your replys, feel calm now just had a bit of a panic!! Ive been on total since end of september and never had a prob looking back i think i was dehydrated as i seem to have had lots of tea over last 2 days. They done bp at time and sugar they were fine so im just going to up the water and be careful. Thanks everyone x

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