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  1. slimbride

    slimbride Full Member

    Lighter Life

    I just read your blog - great stuff you are doing so well!

    Regarding your worries about making non lumpy soups and shakes on the go, I would recommend that you invest in an Aerolatte - you can get them fro about £10 from Whittard, and slightly cheaper on Amazon. It is a battery powered small whisk which comes in a case (some come without cases) which is pretty much handbag sized and has been great!

    Thought i'd share the tip - I cant cope with lumps!
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  3. Lilypad

    Lilypad Full Member

    Oh bless you! Will probably buy a couple then, one to use and soak and rotate them. i was wondering if anyone actually read it, so I'm on a complete high, grinning from ear to ear. Thank you!
  4. slimbride

    slimbride Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I would only buy one - they are super easy to clean (takes about 10 secs!)

    The blog is great - keep it up!
  5. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    You can get on in Ikea for 99p! Also ebay for about £2 if thats any help...got mine in preparation!

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