A LL Milkshake tip...


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Things are going great for me at the mo - day 7 and weight in tonight - I will keep you posted! Even I have surprised myself - I have a will of steel!

For all those people who have to try and subtly make up a milkshake at work - and end up getting lumps in them - I would like to introduce my new best friend - the Aerolatte!

I got my aerolatte from Whittards for £10 - best buy ever. It comes in a handy carry case perfect for a bag or desk drawer. For those who don't know what one is - it is a small, quiet handheld battery powered milk frother - which makes all the milkshakes taste amazing!:p

I cant recommend them enough!

Sorry if you all knew about this already!

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I do tend to use it in the kitchen - so hopefully the rumours havent spread too widely yet!;)


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thats even worse lol, that you are using vibrating things in the kitchen hee hee.

I don't know if it would work too well for soup, but I am now an expert at it! I bring a flask and a bottle of cold water (which we are all carting about anyway!) and a very small whisk that fits in the cup. Mix the powder with a little cold water using the whisk, err on the dry side you can always add more, keep whisking until you have a smooth paste, then add a small amount of hot at a time whisking until your cup is full and all blended. It sounds like a lot of fiddling but actually it does only take a minute or 2 to do and its well worth it to have a lump free lunch!



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re. aerolatte

you can even find it on amazon for cheaper £8.99!!! :cool: and if any of you great 'losers' (meant as a compliment gals!!!!:D ) work, you can buy it in a tin carrier (maybe around £12.99). really cool just ordered one for myself.:p

starting on Tuesday!!!!
thanks for mentioning this aerolatte thingy out...really really good idea;)


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I would say that you should defo get it in a case if you get one - much handier for the handbag!