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FAO those who ss for a long time

i'm into week 9 (don't know if that counts) and i haven't cheated or taken any planned breaks. i'm too scared that i won't come back with as much resolve as i have now. coming up towards my compulsory 810 week soon and i think the only way i can get through it is to micromanage everything i have in the house and put in my mouth well in advance.


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I have my week 13 weigh in tomorrow and I have been having a 2 egg omelette when I get in from work since the beginning nor some chicken, I couldn't cope otherwise I think, mind thats not to say I haven't had the odd day off, sometimes I just need it :)

hopefully tomorrow I will have reached the 4st mark :)


this time - the last time
For me - staying 100% is the only way I succeed.
But everyone is different.
If I eat one thing - then I'll allow myself to eat everything!
I'm an all or nothing person!
I managed 100days last time. I'm aiming for 63 days this time.

Good luck - find the best way for you!
I eat occasionally but I dont count it as 'cheating' as I have planned ahead, I chose what to eat carefully.

I agree with whats already been said though, it really depends on the type of person you are and the needs you have.
wow you guys have pretty good losses considering you eat occasionally. im so scared that if anything non-cd passes through my mouth im going to lose it! so far i have stuck to it but wont lie... a boiled egg sounds tempting even!
i find it sooooo hard not to eat anything...i feel like i need to chew and even if its only something small it really helps me get thru the day as i look forward to having it. sometimes i have a little bit of chicken or tuna, or microwave an egg!

worked for me last time i did cd, got my first weigh in from restart on weds so i'll let you know how i do!

Im also scared to eat anything non CD and that stops me straying. I can honestly say that I dont feel tempted to eat anything 'forbidden'. The other day I had a terrible arugment with a friend which under normal circumstances would have = sugar binge! I didnt feel like that at all.

I have determination and stamina to stay 100% but Im sure if I do even a small 'cheat' that I wont be able to stop. Then when I go for a weigh in, if I lose weight or even stay the same after being 'naughty' then I will say, okay nothing happened, maybe I'll have a treat and you know the rest.....!

Its 100% all the way and its my fear that keeps me going!
Hi Everyone...I often read the posts on this forum but have never actually posted before :) I have been on the diet for 14 weeks and am proud to say that I have not cheated once. I wanted to do this and wanted to do it properly as I did not want to have to do it for longer than needed. You know that old saying 'a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' well that is what I think everytime I am tempted. If this is something that you really want to do, then do it! The feeling you will get when you see your weight drop is greater than any satisfaction you will get from a mini meltdown which results in a naughty chocolate :)

The best advice I can offer is do not cheat at all...there will always be a birthday or wedding or special dinner...once you start, it will be very difficult to say 'just this one thing than I will be 100% good. I just realised that no one else is going to do this for me and if I cheated, at the end of the day it would only be myself that I was cheating. You have a choice, do it properly and be finished within the set time or have 'off' days and it will take even longer. This is all obviously just my own advice but I really think that if you are in the right frame of mind and if this is something you really want to do then try your best to stick to it. The amazing results will keep you motivated :)

Remember...NOTHING tastes as good as skinny feels haha
I did 20 weeks ss without any 'cheating', but for once or twice when I had a slice of ham. Mid September I had a planned 3-day break that turned into more or less 2 weeks, gained 6lbs the first few days (glycogen) and then went back down whilst eating and drinking for an overall gain of about 2lbs if I remember correctly. Anyway, I ended up with a loss of about 6lbs for the month. But honestly, I'm sick to death of the diet and all the sachets are starting to have a chemically aftertaste for me. I've not been 100% since then, I sometimes have a small nibble of cheese or a fistful of cashews. But the weight is starting to come off again and I need to use up the remaining 2 1/2 weeks of sachets. Then I'll see.

But my point is that I am not stressing over it. Those 20 weeks I was pedantic and horrified if I had a lick of a spoon. I'm over that and I realise that calling anything 'cheating' makes it 1000 times more tempting. It is not cheating, if I want to eat it I will and I will not regret it. Knowing I have the choice is what makes it doable!

After a few weeks you'll get into the zone and you'll be amazed at how easy it really is to stick with it :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
just to clarify mine aren't cheats, they are in the allowable list for ss+ and because I have been doing this I haven't had to do the dreaded add a meal week :)

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