Feeling really disheartened - day 5 on SS


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Hi everyone,
This is my first ever post. After 4 pregnancies, gaining weight with each one and never giving myself a chance to lose the excess, now, at the age of 40 I’ve found myself the heaviest I’ve ever been and at a loss as to what to try.

I’m 5,1, with a starting weight of 11st 13lb, bmi of 31.5 classing me in the obese category. Looking to get down to 8st.

I finally took the plunge on Monday and met with a CDC. I started on SS, 3 products a day.

I’ve actually not found myself hungry, or craving, having read about how hard the first few days would be. But now, at day 5 I feel if anything heavier. I haven’t weighed myself as my consultant said to wait for first weigh in due to initial fluctuations. I feel bloated and full up most of the time. I’m drinking plenty of water, at least 2.5l a day.

here’s why I’m worried…at my initial meeting with consultant she told me how I could pick any 3 products a day etc etc. told me how she’s got clients who only have 2 different products. So I chose to have the lemon yoghurt bar as my brunch meal, then I have either the chicken tikka sachet, or spaghetti bolognaise sachet for my tea, then a bar as an evening snack (as that’s the time of day I always found hardest not to eat). And as I said plenty of water throughout the day.
I’ve since read though that apparently the bars shouldn’t be used until much much later in the diet?! So why would my consultant tell me otherwise?! Is this why I feel heavier etc? Am I still consuming too many carbs? I tried the shakes and soups and both made me want to throw up which is why I settled on the mix of products I chose.

I’m now terrified I’ll go to weigh in on Monday and will have either gained, or weight stays the same. It’s making me question why I’m putting myself through such a restrictive diet if I won’t see any results. Every other story I seem to read is so positive so I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve not cheated once, and tbh not even been tempted to.

thanks if you managed to get this far!
Also forgot to add that I’ve recently been classed as having pre diabetes so was advised to change my eating habits and get my weight down in the hope my levels can be reversed.
From what i understand they recommend one bar daily. I tried a week on week on step 4 with one shake and one bar daily then food for the remaining. Unfortunately i lost nothing but was not hungry. Good luck x
Thank you, I’m just confused as to why my consultant wouldn’t have said anything, and in fact made the point of saying I could have all bars if I wanted to!

just feeling annoyed. I actually weighed myself again yesterday after sweating I wouldn’t until my weigh in on Monday, and I was down 7lb. But then weighed myself again this morning and was back up 4lb, so only a 3lb overall loss. God knows how I can be 7lb one morning, and then the next morning weigh 4lb more after sticking fully to the diet and weighing at the same time, same conditions etc.

Actually dreading the weigh in tomorrow now. No longer feeling motivated whatsoever. Have been to loads of local fetes and fairs this weekend with family and they’re full of burger and hot dog stalls, cake stands etc. I didn’t enjoy any of the weekend with my family like I usually would have done.

just feeling super down right now.
Well I had my weigh in this morning with my consultant, I had a 4lb loss.
I’m ok with that. Obviously I’d have loved it to be more, but happy with a loss at all.
Still confused how I was 7lb down on Saturday though, and having not cheated or anything, can only be 4lb down by Monday. My scales say exactly the same as my consultants, so can’t be a discrepancy with that.
onto week 2 now. Although I’m not expecting much from this week. I have a wedding on Saturday where I’ll be served afternoon tea (sandwiches and cakes), and then lunch out for Father’s Day on Sunday. So my consultant has told me to switch to step 4 for those days (2 products and 800 outside calories). But with both those days occurring immediately before my Monday weigh in, we’re already anticipating the possibility of no loss, or even a gain on what I lost this week.
Hi stick with it are you on Facebook there are some cwp groups on there I try post u links x
Hi stick with it are you on Facebook there are some cwp groups on there I try post u links x
Try find these loads help


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