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Fassionate Pashions....clothes you just gotta have!

Been window shopping tonight. Sat here drooling.

I found this:


I want this sooooooo bad, but I no longer have any credit cards. Good think really - but I wish I did. I know my hubby would say no.....:cry: He's on a real saving kick. <sigh>

Gonna try and save a few quid here and there and hope its still in by the time I save it up!! :)

I want it for a goal dress. :) So many others too!! lol but I just like this a lot!

Anyone else eyeing some new clothes for when you get to goal?
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It's just you hun,
Down girl for now !!!
Think of OH :eek:
Goal dress - good idea. xx


Tough But Sexy X
It's lovely, save those pennies! Lol

I have been browsing tonight I am after a nice fitted work dress but not to expensive, nothing caught my eye though! Xx
Stop it! Take muffin for a walk !!!!
Covet Covet Heart Heart those shoes Rachel...................xxx
How are you hun?:)


Silver Member
Damn fine choices there people. Loving the purple shoes x

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