Fat burning tablets


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If they worked then they would have to be sold like a medicine ie. Xenical. They are generally just herbal suppliments. Waste of money IMHO.
Sorry :/


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I was just wondering if anyone takes fat burning tablets on calorie counting?
What are your thoughts about them?

I've tried these before... i know someone who takes them and finds that they surpress their appetite. They didn't for me though - they just give me the shakes... it's kind of like if you've ever drank too much caffine? x


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i got addicted. i was on 3-4 a day twice daily. 1 lot before went gym which was very stupid lookin back now, they raised my heart rate so much, but at the time i didnt care. i cudnt sleep cuz of them, i had to smoke weed to kind of knock me out. very bad i no. my moods were awful, ended up with depression.

i have been on to many fad diets.diet pills. the only wat wat works is the sensible way. now i think what is 6 months healthy eating- when i have had years of yoyo dieting which makes u feel awful.