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Fat Day!!!!!

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Hi all, I don't want to dampen anyones mood but needed to see if anyone else has days like this.

I have for the best part of a couple of weeks been feeling fantastic, energetic, all round positive about everything in my life. Have lost a total of 25lbs in four weeks which im also exstatic about. My clothes are hanging off and im in a size smaller which are loosening. I have a lovely tan from the british weather for once.

I have felt more confident in new clothes that i bought (wouldn't of dared worn them before). I have been good and always had good losses. Yet, today I wake up and i feel so so so down. I feel fat, i dont like what i see in the mirror. I feel like i'm never going to be slim. I feel like crying alot of the time and i truly dont know what is wrong with me. Its not totm as thats been and passed. I just wondered if anyone else has been through random days like these. Everything just feels like an effort and i want to feel sorry for myself. I am hoping when i wake tomorrow things will be back to normal as i couldnt take much more of myself being like this, let alone put anyone else through my moods.
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Hi, I find this diet plays havoc with my moods. I'm on an emotional rollercoaster- ecstatic one minute about the great losses and totally despondent about not eating the next. I really don't like these mood swings but I think they are just a side effect of such a strict yet effective regime.
:rolleyes:I agree, my moods are totally up and down. Im def much more moody than normal - just feel really angry a lot of the time. Don't know why - find i feel frustrated with people more, at supermarket queues, them driving (too slow), my daughter not revising enough for GCSE's, im normally quite a placid person.


Honest answer?

I felt fat for ages on CD. I felt that yes I'd lost 50lbs but I couldn't see it. Plus anyone saying "you've lost weight" were blatantly lying. Lately though its changed. I won't say I never have fat days, but they definitely are more infrequent and when they do strike they aren't as severe.

The up down up down thing on CD was one of the main reasons that I found it hard to cope with but it does even out the longer you are on. And I think the closer you get to goal the more lighter you feel about the whole thing. This is really hard to articulate without hitting you with a wall of text, but I promise it does go.

I still have the odd moment where I feel really bleugh about the whole thing and mentally talk myself into joining WW as I "could do a pound a week" but by the time I've sat down and had a browse on here I've realised that I really wouldn't do that. I've promised myself it before and never stuck to it.

The moods do even out, you do start to feel better and believe me the acheivement of doing this under your belt is a great confidence booster.

If you had to tell me I could have done 3 months (almost) without any food (okay bar my blips but still) and weigh this, and more importantly feel like this I would have called you a liar to your face.

Sometimes I wish we could time travel, because honestly honey, a few days down the line you'll wonder why you ever felt down, a few weeks you'll wonder what you ever did pre CD. And a bit more down you'll be itching to carry on and stay in til goal. Honest.


Sammi N

Anything but Regular
Thank you for your input and own words of experince. I woke feeling the same today tho as the day as progressed the mood lifted. I know that this diet is definately the way for me to get to my goal. For future I hope i can bare that in mind when another mood creeps up on me. Fingers crossed they stay at bay for a little while at least. Thanks again and happy cambridging :D
I can feel like that at the drop of a hat, I dont feel fat at all till I look in the mirror, I dont have mirrors on the walls anywhere, as one look can put me in a downward spiral in seconds.

At the moment with my weightloss im feeling good, so im staying away from mirrors as it feels good to be losing weight, but it could change at a glance for me. Cannot wait to feel different

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