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feelin really crap!!!

Hy al I'm feelin really crap jus Nw!!! Jus seen some of my old pics frm my 20th bday which was nt long ago was 7 mnths ago n I look sooo NYC n I dnt look lik tht atAll Nw!!! Feel soooo crap n ugly n feel lik cryin!!! Uv put on 2stn since thn!!!! Aaaaa wht hv I done :(
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I understand how you feel. We all ave our "feeling ugly" days. Keep hanging in there! :hug99:
Morning Fali :) I totally understand where you are coming from, but you're doing something about it now, and those pictures will soon be a "before" picture, and you'll feel so much better :D

Hugs, hope u have a good day today x
instead of makin those pics let ya feel crap use them as inspiration!i made a collage of pictures of myself from before i had put on weight!i use it as motivation for myself to get back to that weight!hope that helps hun!good luck on ur journey!xx
Hey thnks guys u all made me feel better alot better n I wil mk thm pics a motiv to Los weight .. It's jus so hard sometyms it's going to b my second wi on sat in I'm actually really scrd abt it :(
Aw don't be scared. I felt the same yesterday as I had my weigh in, I actually felt sick with nerves beforehand and had done Monday and Tuesday too, even though I had stuck to it 100%. Anyway, I lost 2.5lbs so all that worry for nothing!! Good luck and let us know how you get on! ;)
how was just wondering whats the five tire challenge x x x
We all have the ugly days and what-not but good luck to you with your weigh in! Im sure it'll go well :)
how was just wondering whats the five tire challenge x x x
I read that a tyre weighs 20lbs, I want to lose 100lbs ish, and that scared me, it seems impossible... but if I break it down to something smaller, then it seems more manageable! Its just something that I have set myself :)

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