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Feeling a little 'odd'


Striving to be good.....

can I ask someones advice please?

I am on my first week of CD (day 5) and have felt a bit wobbly a few times. Walked out of the office into town (5 mins walk) and thought I was going to faint.
Drinking lots (at least the 2.25 litres) and having the shakes (in more ways than one!). Have been very aware of my heart beating (like palpitations)
Do I just need time to adjust or might something be wrong?

Thank you!

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I am not sure about the palpitations. Have you had palpitations before? Do you have any heart problems? Obvious causes for palpitations would be caffeine and anxiety - have you been drinking more coffee or are you stressed? Shakiness can also be a sign of excess caffeine or anxiety. I know when I gave up smoking I guzzled coffee and had symptoms like you describe.

I would give NHS direct a call and ask for advice on it.

Let us know how you get on.


Striving to be good.....
Thanks Anna....

I have had coffee, but switched to decaf when i started CD. I have only had coffee the last 2 days (decaf). No heart problems that i am aware of.

M x
You might also have caffeine withdrawals aswell as the hardest point in diet . I often feel dizzy but i take 5 and have a drink adn then i feel better. its always best though to get things checked out if out of the ordinary

cdc norwich
This can happen, and if you are worried, then always see your GP, however, I would up the water. If you feel faint sit down, and drink at least half a litre of water slowly and relax. Aim for 3 and a half ltries of water per day to 4 ltrs if you can x


Striving to be good.....
Thank you!

Thank you for your help.....
Have had some serious food cravings but have overcome them with drinking more.
I really must try to be more careful about timing of my 'meals' as I think that might ahve done it too.
Weighed for the first time today (day 6) and lost 9lb. Delighted but starving (or craving!)
Thanks again everyone

Michelle x


Silver Member
hope your ok and like the others have said if it persists please do see your gp and good luck with the diet x

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