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Feeling Low

:raincloud: Hey All, Not a good day for me yesterday a bit down in the dumps , getting a bit fedup with the no eating thing , but as of yet I have not "cheated", any ideas on how to kick this black cloud. Done the usual things been shopping "GOT NOTHING" Exercised just feel knackered, cleaned vaccumed and even done the ironing which I usually enjoy " Yes crazy I know not getting weighed till Monday really low.:sigh:
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Come on Tasty Tracey, you are doing so well, looks like you are nearly half way through.

And all that you've lost, you're doing great.

Why don't you have a relaxing bath or something? Give yourself a bit of a pampering. You deserve it.


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

you can do it :) we all no u can, today is a bad day, but if u can jus put off cheating, then tomorrow will be a new day :) jus think if u ate anything now, yes for 3 minutes it will taste nice but then its gone and yahave spoiled ya ss for it, then the feelings of guilt will kick in, is it worth it? wud u rahter be thin for the summer or have sumthing tasty for 2 secs



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Tracey get out in the sunshine, go for a nice walk or even take a glass of water and a book into the garden and have a chill ...... if you've got youngish kids have a water fight, that'll soon cheer you up.

How you feeling? Sorry you're having a bad day...have you treated yourself for stone, or other goals, as that can be a motivation when you feel caccy. Regardless is it hard whatever you put in place & bund to have down days, esp when others munching yummies! Huge hugs & remember tomorrow is a new day - have a nice early night & hopefully you'll feel more yourself tomorrow!


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Just read your thread Tracey,

Have you tried doing a thought record to work out why you are fed up? I certainly found them useful when I was feeling low. There is no doubt that after a few weeks of doing LL, you realise that there are still loads more weeks to go! Aaarrgh!!! It all seems to go on foreverrrrrrrrrr!

Apart from thought records, I also learned from the counselling about writing things out in a different format. I'll try to explain ...

Divide a page into 4 (like a big plus sign)

On the top left hand square write: Pros of doing LL
On the top right hand square write: Cons of doing LL
On the bottom left hand square write: Pros of giving up LL
On the bottom right hand square write: Cons of giving up LL

Then just sit and think of answers to these statements.

It will help you consider why you chose to do this programme. It will solidify in your mind the consequences of not doing it. You can adapt this method to any decisions you need to make, but I have found it useful to clarify exactly what's going on in my head.

Sometimes I needed a kick up the backside to make me realise exactly why I needed to to LL in the first place!

Your Foundation Book will have Thought Record pro-formas to copy out, I used photocopies a lot on holiday in October (week 7/8), when I had the occasional pity-party after sitting (yet again) with a glass of sparkling water in a restaurant while the family sat and stuffed themselves with lovely chinese/italian/spanish/british/seafood dishes. Or chose which gorgeous pastry to have at breakfast time. Or ate yummy ice creams. Or drank cool glasses of wine/beer/coke!

Sigh. It was just so unfair! After working through the thought record, I realised that I would just have to go through the short-term discomfort/boredom/frustration in order to gain long-term slimness and health. And here I am - I have arrived and I'm here to stay!

I bet you can work it out for yourself Tracey. Good luck!
:) Thanks Guys for all the threads, they have really helped.
Took my little boy for a long walk not sure he appreciated it but it got me off my backside and not eating both of us were knackered when we got in. Got a hot bath read a mag drank loads of water feeling so much better, what a great forum sometimes I think it like going to a therapist but without the huge cost. Cheers guys you are all a great help.

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