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  1. Prue

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    Hey Everyone!

    Well last night me and my Boyfriend got into a huge argument after finding out some nasty truths about him.... And we have now split up.....

    I was feeling really down and turned to food.... 2 Bars of Aero and a Pizza.
    I feel so digusted with myself today tho!
    My weight was down to 213.5 and now it's back at 218.8!!!!!!

    Feel so pathetic at the moment, I wouldn't of minded but the food was his that he bought and not somthing I would buy.

    Been out today and bought myself a rowing machine, I have tried jogging but get really bad pains in my right food and feel abit self concious about jogging at the moment.

    The Rowing machine I got is a YORK Sprinter III


    But I was told by a friend that rowing machine won't actualy help me lose much weight at all! Is this true?

    Really good do with some advice.

    Thank you!
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    ANY exercise will help you lose weight!

    To be fair, not all exercises were created equal but if you are happy to use a rowing machine then use it! If its a choice between that or nothing I would go for that!

    As for the food & weight - dont worry about the initial weight gain you will find that it stabilises in the next few days, just make sure you compensate by keeping up with the exercise & healthy eating :)

    And you are NOT pathetic - most of us would be lying if we said we didnt turn to food in times of emotional turmoil xoxo
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    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I broke up with my long term boyfriend in October after finding out some pretty shocking stuff too and I'm pretty sure I put on 10lbs just comfort eating cos I didn't know how to deal with it. To be fair, we all do it.

    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have put on 5 lbs by just eating a pizza and some chocolate. Just take it easy for the next week, try to compensate but if not, whatever, we're all human you know. Maybe whenever you feel like eating when you shouldn't be, find another way of coping, like call someone to talk about it or write it down or something :)

    Hope that helps :( *hugs*
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    first off, sorry bout the split but exercise is a great way of dealing with any emotions that are hanging around. the rowing machine is an excellent work out, one of the best it works arms, legs, buttocks, stomach, back etc. afaik a rowing machine workouts are only 10-15 mins so maybe try and do bit of walking before or after? i find if i have anything on my mind i go for a walk and somehow subconsciously it begins to lessen.
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