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feeling sooo poorly

well have a full blown ear infection and cant chew anything as it bloomin hurts, doped up on painkillers and antibiotics am starving cos i cant chew am gonna have to eat things i can - but not sure what syns i will have had
today i have had
oats so simple original and milk allowance
lunch - cup of new covent garden tomato and basil soup(ainsleys) and half a bread roll - could not manage other half
4 finger kit kat - sucked it lol
dinner - tin of oxtail soup and a bread roll.

just want my mummy lol need a hug, and to top it all i get home oh is on the bloomin xbox and says ooohhh the kitchens a bit messy!!!! bloomin men!!!!
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Lover of Extra Easy
So sorry that you are feeling so poorly.
You have my sympathies as I want on a spate of constant ear infections a few years ago, and the pain is unbearable.
Just eat what you can and don't worry about SW and weight loss. You can catch up easily when you feel better.
In the meantime, if you feel inclined fill up on yummy free soups. That may fill you up.
AND give your OH a good kick and take away the X box until he has cleaned the kitchen, or it stays the way it is, messy or not.
((hugs)) and look after yourself. OH is big enough to look after himself and you too!


Slow but sure....
Take care sweetheart, get yourself to bed and get well, let the OH fend for himself for a few days - just keep drinking fluids and eating some soup and porridge, not much you can do until the antibiotics start to kick in.

Thinking of you, sleep is what you need. X
take yourself off to bed with a hot water bottle and a dvd and have a nice snuggle down xxx
well have snoozed lots on the couch today and i think the anti biotics are starting to kick in still haveing lots of painkillers tho but can chew a bit better, so had home made stew and mash tonight mmmmmmm


Slow but sure....
You will soon start to feel much better now Ronnie with the antibiotics kicking in - you just take care now, plenty of fluids, soup and sleep and you will soon be alright again, love to you. X

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