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Hi, Ive just joined this site and I thought I would introduce myself, I have been a slimming world member since the beginning of April so this is my eighth week.

Just to put you in the picture why I joined I thought I would spend sometime in Cyprus until the real heat arrives in mid July and I quickly realised I was in the holiday mode and had put weight on more than the norm. I have chronic heart failure which is managed by medication and pace maker implant, so I decided I needed to do something about the weight gain and feeling crap about myself, I was 20st 3 1/2 lb at my first weigh in. Shocked and stunned was an understatement.

The progress so far is as follows:
Week 1 7/4 -4lb
Week 2 14/4 -31/2 lb
Week 3 21/4 -1lb
Week 4 28/4 - 7lb
Week 5 5/5 - 3lb
Ween 6 12/5 -2lb
Week 7 19/5 naintain

So I am 1/2lb off my 1 and half stone award and I feel pretty pleased about that. I have got some fridge magnets as well slimmer of the week twice and one for slimmer of the month. Yippee.

I am very fortunate that I found Slimming world and I have a brilliant group leader, but the reason I decided to join was one further motivation, and more importantly speak to other men members who have gone or are going through the change in lifestyle.

My exercise regimes is that I do either a 2k or 4k walk in the morning and swim for an hour in a 12 metre pool around 60 diddy lengths if I am feeling engergetic I try to either swim again at evening time of walk when the heat is dying down.

One of my questions is to you guys is when any of you started following the sp plan and exercising did your weight loss slow down, I know I am feeling much better physically, in that I could and did easily fall asleep in the daytime now I haven't got a pray I just cant, but my quality of sleep at night has improved and I feel rested.

I know it took 9 years in total to gain this weight and I am impatient to get rid of it. I have set myself a target of a stone a month, I intend to come back to the UK around the 10th of July and I would like to reach the target I set with my group of 15stone 13 1/2 Lb.

So any advice or tips would be appreciated, I intend to post before and after my meeting day which is Thursday afternoon.

The reason I maintained last meeting was I had a friend out and well you have to partake in a glass or two and meals out, but despite that I managed to maintain which I think is good.

I nearly forgot one more question, doing just the SP foods have any of you experienced differing weekly weight losses despite following the method closely.

Update Week 8

Weigh in lost -6lb followed the plan Sp only carb intake was the two slices of hovis bread, sill doing the training each day with a additional 45 mins in the gym.

I fell great and the support I get from the meeting is fantastic, only one other bloke there. Slimmer of the week and month. Let the weight roll off.
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