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Feeling the Blues:-(

Morning all
Just starting week 4 and I'm feeling so low - has come out of nowhere, don't understand it. I know it's totm, but I've never been so tearful, sad and just feel horrible in myself. I'm hoping this is my 'bad patch' as I've had it relatively easy so far. I'm even snapping at my OH especially at meal times - I almost gave in yesterday, but went to bed crying instead - sad I know, but I just hope it passes soon. I'm not normally a 'downer' person. Any of you gone through this?
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Awww no! I've not been through this yet but i'm sure everyone will have a week like this. Your weekly losses are amazing!!! I find that when my OH is having a meal i need a distraction so i feel less like i'm 'missing out' so i usually come on here, or go for a long bath (i've never been so clean!!)
You're doing soooooo well, 27lbs is an amazing amount to lose, especially in 3 weeks, on a 'normal' diet it'd take months to shift that so please don't give up!! You've worked too hard! xx


Back on the diet train...
awww hun im sori u feel down. big hug!!!! :hug99:

i went thru the same last wk, was my totm an felt teary, snappy an just horrid plus i wanted 2 eat so bad but it does pass an this wk i feel fab. :D

keep at it hun, mayb get sum candles an av a lovely bubble bath 2nyt, cheer u up.

hope u feel better soon!!! :)


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Yeah major hugs - maybe book yourself in for a massage or a facial or something I know they're a little costly but doing proactive non-food related things apparently works. Seaweed wrap is a personal favorite. :) love and cuddles xx


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Awwww TOTM and a VLCD together.......not nice, some people cope better than others......but I also feel down occassionally, so dont worry....xx

As for your weight loss woooooowwwwweeeeeee, that is amazing, did you do your measurements too....? Be interesting to know how many inches you have dropped, chin up hun.....you are doing brilliantly
babe this is totally normal feeling like this, all LTers have this at some stage its getting used to a new way of eating habits, we all have some kind of relationship with food and were changing it now and it seems like its now hit you but just keep thinking of the end results and that will keep you focused and give you the will power you need to go on
Thanks Ladies
It really helps to know you know where I'm coming from. I finished work early today and I'm taking tomorrow off, just to have the house to myself and relax a bit. I'm not a 'take time out' kind of a person but I reckon I need a bit of r n r at the mo. My losses are keeping me going as is everyone on here - don't know what I'd do without ye - hugs to everyone.
I haven't measured myself at all Sonkie - raging I didn't now but my clothes are getting alot looser - If I could get rid of these boobs now I'd be really happy..lol
Massive hugs and lots of love. I had my bad week last week so I totally empathise hun. Well done on your fantastic weight loss - that's amazing work. Keep it up!! xxx


Here we go again!
Hope you're feeling better today. I had a bit of a few days like this at the weekend, at the end of week 4 and it was totm. Feeling a lot better now but I think we all go through this at some stage.

Stay strong, you are doing brilliantly!!
im feeling very low tonight, feel sick to my stomach and want to stop even but im going to go to sleep and try again tomorow


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Hi Chrissie, try to concentrate on your good feelings think only about things that make you feel good it really is a mind over matter problem on this diet and it will be worth it. Find things to do in your day that don't involve food if you can this might not be the most sympathetic advice but we got ourselves here and theres only one way back out.
yeah im feeling better today, started a re feed, i was feelin so sick i thinkg because i only managed 1 shake in the morning and that was it, so feeling better now, and anxious to start tfr 100% agen on monday

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