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feeling very sorry for myself!

I feel sooooo miserable today. I started a running training programme on Monday which I was really getting into and I've now once again gotten shin splints! I am gutted! I think I'm going to have to put running on hold until I'm healed and can get some decent running trainers!
I've heard running on grass is supposed to help prevent them but I don't have enough grass near where I live :cry:

I'm miffed that I only lost 1lb this week and to top it off I'm STILL waiting for the student loan to get sorted. I am rather cheesed off today about it all so I think I'm just going to pour my frustration into uni work rather than the fridge!
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Rubbish :( Can you do other exercise [sorry if I'm being thick, never heard of shin splits?] - drives me mad when I don't exercise! Chin up :) x
I've been reading up and it may take a few weeks to heal but I can do any exercise where my feet are stationary! So lots of time on the x-trainer and bike for me in October! Ive found some great local running shops to get those trainers from and a whole host of strengthening exercises. Thanks for the support guys x I'm not so woe-is-me today, I worked out that losing 2lb a week would get me to my goal weight the day before my birthday so I have a shiny new target to focus on.
hi rachelm i too get shin splints and the pain is unbearable,i feel for you,the only way to get over it quicker is ice packs or like me run in short bursts then walk fast,and a nice bath as hot as you can stand before straight to bed,when the muscles get used to you doing it ,it will ease i promise,but it took me 3 weeks, get better soon angie x
sts this week totm but still -53 lb of fat gone forever
I find it hard to motivate myself to work out... does anyone else?
If so, whats a good alternative to the gym or running lol! I'm going to try and find a local aquacise class, and planning a big bike ride
whats a good alternative to the gym or running lol! I'm going to try and find a local aquacise class, and planning a big bike ride
Go dancing! See if your local schools or sports centres do any kind of dancing class. It's easier to stick with something you enjoy. I also used to love Body Combat - a cross between aerobics and boxercise. You need to be fitter than I am now but all that kicking and punching is a great way of relieving tension!
ah i love body combat.. but they only do it at the gym and I cant afford it... I'll have to keep an ear out for a cheaper class her. If anyone knows of a cheap body combat class near "co13" let me know!! thanks S

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