few questions from a SF newbie


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Welcome to the Forum.

SF seems to on sale in most places at the moment at a 50% off price; I've found it in Tesco's and Sainsbury's and the other members have mentioned Wilkinsons and I think even Boots.

An average weight loss of about half a stone a month tends to be average dependent of course on how much weight you have to lose and how honest you are with yourself about your daily calories in snacks and dinners; if you have a look at the weigh in stickies you can see the amounts. Those who exercise certainly seem to have a more regular weightloss which makes sense.

Good luck!


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Hi and welcome.
i started out roughly about the same as you, and im 30lb down after starting at the end of september, so i dont think over all thats too bad going....
i also take Xenical (dr prescribed verion of Alli) but to be honest it just stops me from eating chocolate and rubbishly bad foods, as i dont want any side effects from the tablets.

im really loving slim fast, (which is a good thing as ive stocked up about 6 months worth of premade chocolate shakes!!) and i love the fact that i can still eat a low cal low fat meal at night... which has been really good, as then i can still eat food with my hubby....

my losses are in my sig pic, so thats some kind of indication....

i have learnt that if i dont exercise then i dont lose anything... (or i only lose very little) so it does help...

and drinking loads of water helps...

hope this has all helped you. feel free to ask any questions... we are all here to help one another out, and this site has been such an inspitration to us all, so stick around...



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Hey - im a newbie too :)

I have just got mine from Tesco and it was £3 per tin which is 12shakes worth. :)