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first century gone.. only 166 left to go...


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Congratulations Coljack and very well done on losing 101.5lbs:happy096:



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Pierce said he will make a Century badge today:)


Wanting Is The Key
Congrats, ur a shining example to us all, whom need to stay on track. When we feel low, deprived and missing that something that we think food will replace. I wish you every good wish, an await your achieving of breaking/reaching ur second century


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Woohoo.. I broke the century on thursday..
101.5lbs gone now, only 166 left to get to what I think my target should be.. but we'll see what that looks like when I get a lot closer to it..
Well we just created the century club badge.

Go to Edit Details (under UserCP) or click here: http://www.minimins.com/profile.php?do=editprofile#details

And under "Badges" make sure Century club is clicked and then click save you will have the century club badge just above your avatar.

Well done and congratulations :)

Well done!!! You're an inspiration :) It just goes to show that it is do-able, especially as I'm not far behind you in the total amount I've got to lose :D
You should be seriously proud of yourself, this is a fantastic achievement!


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I was actually thinking something like the SW "stickers" to go in the signature, but that's even better..
Delighted you like it...it was something we have been thinking of doing and it was put on the long finger and seeing your post motivated us into action.

Pierce has also done a Maintainer Badge, so you will have another to look forward too out here.


Mens sana in corpore sano
Well done ColJack!


Trying - very!
ColJack - WOW!!!!!!
Many many congrats - bloomin' fantastic!
It proves SW works
hey well done mate, that feels good doesn't it. Wecome to your century badge :D
Cracking news, that's well done mate. :) I was round your way the other day, I have a niece lives there.

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