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first day lipotrim

Eeek Im on my first day of lipotrim, found it ok at first but struggling a little bit now, not too bad tho... Anyone know how do you make cookies out of the choc mix?? Can you use black pepper and can you use chilli flakes on soup?? Thanks, Jude x
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Here we go again!
No idea about making cookies, never heard of it on here before.

People do add chilli flakes and pepper to the soup.

Well done for starting LT and good luck. Get the first week out of the way and it's a lot easier.
I have never made the cookies either - sorry.
Keep drinking that water girl to curb the hunger and try splitting your shakes in 2 for the first week or so to help, so you have 6 half drinks instead of 3 full ones.
Good luck and well done on your first day.


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I tried to make either cookies or muffins last year and ruined my shake and they were inedible (probably down to my cooking skills or lack of!!).

But just wanted to say well done on the first day! Keep guzzling the water.


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I'm with sara! I made the "muffins" a couple of times with a bit of water and the microwave and they were completely unedible. I HAD to eat them but my god...never again! I advise you to just stick to the shakes and the soup hun! Try the flapjacks too..i cant abide them but i know a lot of people are quite partial to them lol xx


I will be skinny again!!!
:eek: I have never ever heard of making muffins from them!!!

HOW?!?! lol


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This is exactly how! But wow Chell they are vile!!! Warning to anyone who reads this...you make at your own peril! You have been warned lol xx


Ingredients :
1 Shake Pack
2 Splenda Tablets
Utensils :
Mixing Bowl
Microwaveable Ramekin Dish
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients.
2. Crush the sweeteners in a bowl using the back of a spoon.
3. Empty the pack of shake mix into the bowl and stir until the crushed sweetener and the shake mix are mixed together.
4. Gayle is not sure of the amount of water so recommends opening up the tap to more than a trickle but less than a full flow.
5. Add a little water at a time and stir, the same as if you were making pastry or bread.
6. Keep mixing until the mixtures appears very smooth but not runny.
7. You should be able to make peeks in the mixture but not so thick that the spoon stands up in it.
8. Get the ramekin dish.
9. Spoon the mixture into the disk smoothing out the top because it will cook in the exact shape that you put it in the dish.
10. Put in the microwave for approximately 100 seconds in a 900 watt microwave but adjust for your own machine.
11. Turn over onto the serving plate.
12. Lift up the ramekin and you have a delicious (ish!) muffin.

If you wish you can drizzle a little chocolate or vanilla sauce of the top which is made me mixing a teaspoon of shake with a teaspon of hot water and mixing to a runny paste.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lmao... Sounds complicated but thank you :)
I have read the warning but may just try this tonight and see.
I tried making the hot-choc, lost all sense and made the mistake of trying to shake while hot. Result was exploded chocolate all over the kitchen....I put my lack of judgement down to hunger ;o)

Puddinpie...welcome to the forum.
I have tried the chocloate peppermint which wasn't too bad, basically made adding cooled peppermint tea to make up mix. I don't like coffee but you can add that to the vanilla if you like it.

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