First Day....


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Hello Everyone!

First day for me, found out about the Cambridge diet from someone at work, and watching the weight literally drop off her, couldn't NOT do it.

So, picked up my stuff on Wednesday, and today is my first day. Nothing but a cup of black tea has passed my lips so far.

Feeling excited, as CAN be slim soon, but also nervous, and a little bit scared.

And thanks to everyone who said hello on the newcomers board - only just realised.

Also - seeing everyones pics on the gallery is soooo much of an inspiration - thanks.

Wobbly :)
Well done Wobbly for taking the first step! My first weigh in is today having started CD on Monday. The first week is the worst (and best) for different reasons - you can do whatever you want and whatever you need. Good luck.

cat woman:)
Hi there, good luck with your weight loss journey, this is a fab place to get support. If you get headaches the first few days just take paracetamol. Also drink tonnes and tonnes of water all the way through the day - regular and often and lots and lots - it is the key to success.

And don't forget, we are all here for you :)
Hiya and welcome,

You CAN do it and will. My Biggest tip is every time you want to eat or feely yuk, down another glass of water.
Get some sparkling if you get fed up with tap.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on!
You can do it. Just take it one day at a time and some days will be really tough and then take it one hour at a time. But just look at all the successes on here and think small steps. I started at 20 st 1.5 lb and aimed for 19 st something then 18 st something. i still can't look at the whole picture as it is too big. And we are all here for you.

Irene xx
Morning wobbly

WELL DONE on getting started. Excellent advice from everyone here.

Great thing to remember is that your first WI is as bad as it can ever get, from here on things WILL only get better............ONWARDS & DOWNWARDS :D :D :D :D
Thanks guys!

Had my first shake - Vanilla, and mixed in a teaspoon of coffee, so like a frappe - tasted a lot better than what I expected. Feeling a bit hungry now, and about 1 litre of water down, but am trying to leave the next pack till after 2pm, as otherwise I will be climbing the walls in the evening!

You're all doing really well BTW guys!

Ajax - just spotted your pics on the gallery - what an amazing difference in a month!

May well be handing around here all day to keep me focused when my tummys rumbling...
Hi Wobbly.
Well done for taking the first step the best steo you could have taken.
As has been said drink lots of water.The water flavers do help lots and are great hot as well nice and warming if you feel a bit chilled.You do seem to feel the cold more on CD but it is worth it.
Try splitting the packs in half so you have 6 meals a day I found that helped at the start.
Hope you have a good day.
Love Libbie xx
Hi wobbly
Congratulations on starting today. This is such a fantastic site that you'll get loads of support and inspiration to keep going. Once you get past the first 3 days you'll be flying!
A great tip that was given to me the other day was drinking peppermint tea with a sweetner in, it really helps take the edge off and makes a pleasant change from black coffee or water.
Good luck
bluemoon xx
Hi Wobbly.

Hope things are going well for you. Echo what everyone has said on here.
I spend a lot of time on here when I can - it what helps get me through!!
Keep posting we're all in this together. xx
Hi Wobbly, hope its going well, it is true that the first few days are the hardest.

Keep going and watch the weight drop off.

I always find of I am struggling then a quick jump on here and Im raring to go again.

Good luck, if you need us we are here x