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First Step done

So, I have kicked myself and actually went to the pharmacy to sign up for 100%. It did cost me a lot of willpower, yesterday I was stood outside the pharmacy for about 15 minutes until I actually managed to go in and enquire about Lipotrim. I was given an appointment for today, and now I've got the first weeks supply of liquid food in my storage cupboard.

I went from being utterly emotional and embarrassed, crying all day yesterday, to being rather alright today.

I'm being the pharmacy's guinea pig as they've only had one person doing the treatment before and they never finished it, so that shall be interesting! I hope I will be able to last longer than a few days, because let's face it, the pounds won't come off otherwise!

I'm very happy to have found this forum to read about everyones experiences, it's so motivational!! I'll update on how it goes tomorrow :)

It can only get better from here!
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hey! welcome to these forums and congrats on taking the first step! Im only on day 3, but I could not have got through these first days without the inspiration, support and advice of all the lovely girls on here. Anytime you struggle just come here and read/post/chat.. it keeps you going. Everyone is experiencing the same things, and knowing that your not alone really helps. Im a bit of a newb myself, but already Iv found it really helpful to keep a journal of how im feeling etc and to set myself minigoals such as 'get through first day' and 'first stone' etc. Good luck with your journey and I expect out paths will cross on here very soon. If you need any advice or just to chat let me know :)

This is the first day of the skinny you!! be strong and KNOW you can do it :) we are all behind you x
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Hi Dwynn,

Welcome! I'm on Day 11 now and feeling OK (ish!). It does get a bit easier as you go on but getting through the first week is tough. My advice would be to try and take it as easy as possible for your first week as I felt a little bit headachey at first. Honestly it will get easier, and I'm really excited for my second weigh in (what an exciting life I lead haha). Like Squeeze86 said, set yourself minigoals - get through day 1, lose half a stone, lose 1 stone, drop a dress size etc. Like you said, it can only get better from here - keep thinking about all the benefits to your health, confidence, appearance etc and let that spur you on! Oh, one more thing - if you fancy having a moan, come straight on here and someone will moan with you haha!

Lots of love and luck,

Gem xx

Thornhill Cate

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Hi Dwynn, and well done for taking the first step on a journey that will change your life if you stick to it. I'm on week six and am pretty much coasting now. When I started I wanted to do a month but you get so used to it and the losses that you find you want to keep on going. Also, I sailed through my first week from a physical point of view - no headaches, dizzyness etc. - and only a few hunger pangs which usually came on just as I was due another shake. I did have a couple of psychological wobbles but just reminded myself why I was doing this and got over it pretty quickly. Stay strong through your first week and I promise, it does get easier. Have you bought FibreClear? It's a soluble fibre powder which is allowed on the diet and can be taken in tea/coffee/water and it helps fill you up if you're getting hungry between shakes. It also helps to keep the old bowels moving. Come on here lots, read what everyone else is going though, post your highs and lows and get support. I find my mini goals really helpful. I try to have lots so that I can tick something off almost every week. You won't be able to add these though until you've posted more than 50 posts I think and then you get more signature space. BTW, how is Canterbury? I grew up in Dover in the 60s and 70s (it was never great but it's such a dump now) and often used to go shopping there. I'll tell you one thing, I really like Cardiff but the weather in the SE is so much better. I torture myself with the national weather forecasts, comparing what's going on here to there! Anyway, enough rambling. Best of luck. And remember feeling lousy in the first few days is not a foregone conclusion. Drink your water and stay busy but DON'T overdo it. And don't let yourself start obsessing about food. It'll all still be there when you finish the diet.


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Hi, does it feel quite a relief now that you have gone in the chemist and decided you were ready to make a change, I walked in last week and I am looking forward to getting weighed on Friday. Everyone is supportive on this site and if you browse instead of thinking about food it will pass the time till your next shake. Good luck

irish molly

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I can't add much to what has already been said other than quote the old saying " the longest journey begins with just one step". You have just taken that step and well done to you.
It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that we need to take ourselves in charge and regain control of our eating habits. I thought I would only manage a couple of weeks on TFR but once I got used to it I stayed with it for six months.
Losing the weight I put on over 10 years ago has been the best thing I have ever done.
Stick with it and you will be so proud of yourself.


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Hi Dwynn and welcome :)


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Good for you to take the step and start LT, that itself is a great victory! You will find a lot of support on here as we are all in the same boat, one a bit further down the track than the other :) The first week is the hardest but after that it will get a bit easier. Good luck and happy weight loss! x
Aw, hello everyone! You are all so sweet haha.

Thanks for all the motivational posts, I sure need it. I don't know where to begin with replying

It was definitely a big step for me to walk into the pharmacy and actually face that I really need to do something. I have always lived on the big side of life, since I was a kid and in the past years I have been rather depressed about this situation. As it usually goes, you need a good kick up the backside to actually start and do something and I don't know what did it with me just now, but I am glad it happened!

I had planned to begin with lipotrim as soon as possible, so I went to the pharmacy on tuesday to enquire about it. They said that I'd have to book an appointment for me for the next day. The pharmacy I went to only had one person doing the LT100 before and they never came back, so I am now their guinea-pig! The ladies in the pharmacy didn't quite know what they were doing, seemed like I knew a little bit more about the whole procedure than they did, but that's alright - we all live and learn.

So, today I have started with my first shake - strawberry. Wasn't too bad actually, reminded me a bit of them supercheap strawberry milkshakes you can buy at nettos haha. I think I will struggle a bit with the 4pints of water a day - only managed 750ml so far and I feel bloated with water, but I reckon I will get used to it.

A big thing at the moment, as I am only beginning, is to stop the need to snack. Trouble is, I live at work and there's always at least croissants or little things laying about - so easy to give in, but I've been alright so far.

I've set myself a bigger goal already, but as I have only started, I don't want to set too big goals to not disappoint myself when I can't do it. But overall, my first big goal is to drop a dress size - I am getting so tired of being a size 24 and not being able to just go on the high street to buy something nice to wear! And also, I am hoping to gain a bit of self-confidence, all the confidence I once had went down the drain which resulted in me being distant with my boyfriend (you can guess how), as I keep thinking he doesn't really find me attractive. He didn't really support me to begin with, but I'm going to make him somehow.

My best friend seems more excited about me doing LT100 than I am, she is so so soo excited! I hope I will get the same level of excitement soon!

It's all a vicious circle about to get knocked over I hope!

Anyway, thank you all so much for the motivation, definitely appreciated!

First day done, and it's 100%! :)

I think I found it hardest to keep up with the 4pints of water. The shakes weren't all that bad - haven't tried the soup yet. I am really proud to have managed today as, as stupid as it is in this situation, I have been cooking for 60 people, and picking food would have been so so easy! I managed without picking or tasting anything though, yeey! :)


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Well done!!! For me, the first day was the hardest. You have already proved to yourself that you are capable of something you couldn't do before... And that's have control over food rather than it controlling you. I had my first brush with failure today as I went to eat a bit of bread that came off in my hand whilst making my daughters lunch... It felt so amazing to have the power within myself to put it in the bin. My head told me to eat it though!! Keep remembering that you are 100% ABLE to achieve your goal and that you now have it within reach. Keep sharing your experience on here cuz having this kind of support will guide you through all your weakness, all your worries and help you to remain positive that you can and WILL succeed!

Seriously well done for getting through today.. It's only going to get easier so stick with it and be really proud of yourself xx
aw thank you, that's sweet :)

It would be a hell of a lot easier if I wasn't working in hospitality, we cater for so many people, big breakfasts every morning, and dinners. But then, I think I am doing alright. The food doesn't really phase me, but I really could have eaten a breadroll today. I am actually starting to look foward to them shakes. Yet got to try the chicken-soups. (Why call them chicken soup when they're vegetarian? dearyme). It's all going well so far!

I like this forum. Makes you feel less alone on this! <3


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I feel the same Dwynn. I'm glad to have contact with people going through the same stuff. I just made spag bol for my kids and had to grate the most gorgeous parmasean cheese.........GOD that was hard!!!!

I actually like the chicken soup, especially with a bit of black pepper in it. Most people hate it. But I have a savory rather than a sweet tooth. Didn't like the chocolate much but added a teaspoon of instant coffee to it and it gave it a bite!

Day 4 today and I don't know how I have come this far and how I will continue.

Something stopped me from quitting today and that was the fear of being sick if I do eat. Does anyone know about this?
Also anyone having weird dreams? I dreamt that I had no weight loss at the end of my first week and that I had picked at something!!!

Keep strong out there!


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Good luck, I totally relate to how you feel about the physical sie of your relationship and TBH it was one of the reasons why I did this.......if you look at my photos yu'll see the big white nightie that I used to sleep in EVERY night! but no more;););) It's really difficult to imagine that someone might find you attractive when you totally hate your body, I know that beauty is only skin deep but I honestly wouldn't fancy my OH if he put on 4 stone, it wouldn't stop me loving him of course......I guess that he felt the same though he was always too kind to say anything!
well done for overcoming your fears, hope your doing ok today, everyone is so supportive on here, Ive just done a week and am looking forward to the next week, Im not dreading it like i was last week x

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