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First week on LL with 7 stone to lose!!


Hopeful for the future
I'm Trish from London and I started LL on Tuesday. Two days down and I'm hoping it will work this time. I know! I know! It's up to me, but it would be nice to have some encouragement or a boot up the proverbial when I'm waivering.
As well as doing the diet I'd like to start going for planned long walks (starting gently and building up) as I realise that exercise will ultimately help. So if there's anyone in the Baker Street to Queen's Park area of London who's looking for a walking buddy - let's join forces.
Looking forward to hearing from you all... (I hope):eek:
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Welcome Trish to MiniMins!

I hope you will make yourself at home and if you need any help be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx


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This forum is great for the encouragment and support when you need it. I hope you do well on the progam. It's really great as long as you stick to it.
Welcome Trish, good luck with your LL diet. If you need support, encouragement or a shouler to cry on during your journey this is the place to come.


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Hi Trish

Well done for joining LL and this group. This diet will work and very quickly too.

Your walking idea sounds great - wish I weren't a few hundred miles away!



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Hi there Trish - I am Sarah and I live in Islington - so a bit out of the way, but I want to walk the Regent's Canal from Little Venice to Limehouse at some point!

I have been on LL for almost 4 months (about 17 weeks) and I have lost 5.5 stone of the 7 stone I initially set out to lose - but I have now decided that I want to lost 8.5 stone in total - I figure that whilst I'm at it I might as well see what it's like to be a really slim person!

I won't pretend that the first few weeks won't be tough - they are bound to be - there are old habits to break and a new regime to get used to. Be gentle but firm with yourself and when the going gets tough, go to bed! Eventually you will notice amazing things happening to your body and your mind - you will be thinking thoughts and noticing behaviour and feelings that you used to smother with food.

I wish you luck and courage and a will of iron for the next 5-6 months (yes, that's all it will take!). And happy walking!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Hi Trish,
I started with 7stone to lose, and have lost 3 stone in 8 weeks.
I found the first week extremely difficult, the second was better, then it just became like second nature.
There are difficult times but they don't last long & there are easy times, which last longer.
Make sure you go to class, drink the water & more if you can & a little exercise if you feel up to it. Don't push yourself too hard, if your body is saying no.
Come on here when times are difficult & you will get help & encouragement.
Good luck with this new journey.


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Hi Trish, welcome. this site is great for help, support and lots of encouragement......and yes there are some here who will give you a kick up the jacksy if you really need it. I started LL on 1st February 2007 and I have lost 5 st (almost). It isn't always the easiest diet to follow, but the results are so worth it. Keep strong and let us know how you are doing. Angela x


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Hi Trish, I started my LL journey ten days ago and this site has really been a godsend! I have been on here nearly every day getting support and advice and seeing people succeed, this diet is lifechanging and i know it will change mine. Good luck with your journey and hope to be speaking to you again soon!!!:D


Hopeful for the future
This is great guys - thanks so much for the votes of confidence and I'll write a more comprehensive reply when I get home from work. I'm not supposed to access the web at work but couldn't resist a peek - and it was worth it!!
Talk later
Trish :)
I Trish,

I'm not nr you if i was would have joined you as i am also at the beginnig of LL and got 7 stone to loose.

Keep me updated with your progress.

Hi Trish!
I too set an initial weight loss of 7st. I've currently lost over 4st and have a few more weeks left in foundation - so it really is possible!! I'm hoping that when the magic number 7 is reached - sometime in August - I'll be able to keep going for a bit longer before management as I'm certain when I get to the 7st loss I will want a couple more stone off. Keep your goals short term and flexible is my advice. Stops everything from being such a mountain to climb in the early days ;)
Welcome & you are def in the right place! The site is great for getting encouragement, advice and support. The first few eeks are tough some days worse than others but jus focus on getting through a day at a time & distract yourself. You'l lear to listen to yur body and a whole new way f dealing with issues without food and ts quite liberating once you get into it so just push through the first bit and you'll be fine. Remember the days when you feel naff that it does pass, promise!


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Hi Trish

Welcome and good luck with your journey. I've found this diet to be amazing (just starting week 4 now) and can't believe the difference it makes so quickly. I found that once I was into it, after day 4 or 5, my energy levels went up and now I'm managing to swim 3 times a week and take long walks along the Thames - great in this weather.

I've also found the support from this site great too - I don't post loads but have really benefitted from reading others experiences. It's great to be able to come some where to ask all the questions you think are silly..

Good luck
Johnny :D


Hopeful for the future
Thanks for the welcome

Hello all,
Thanks for the comments tips and encouragement, I'm in need tonight. I often 'treat' myself on a Friday: a couple of drinks from work, and into the Indian, Chinese, or Pizza takeaway on the way home and settle into watching the telly with it all and another glass of wine. And when I passed all of my local haunts tonight I had a SERIOUS waver I can tell you. The smells!! It didn't help that I had a horrible journey home - packed like a sardine on tube and bus etc etc.
Rant over - it's great to hear this passes and that so many of you have been through the same - in search of me, tiger girl, angie, Cherry, scooper, digger (sorry if I left one out) and so many of you.
I'm amazed at how well some of you have done You are great - and if I were'nt just starting 3 months to lose 3-4 stone seems like nothing, but on a grand scale losing 7 stone seems unsurmountable. So I'll take your advice Tiger girl. I'll take it a month at a time to begin with and aim for the stone and anything else would be a bonus. I'm sure I'll have to become more specific as time goes on.
I think Harri, Charlie and I should keep close eye on each other as we're all kind of at the same stage. We can commiserate and cheer each other on ....
I'm really not sure how to get the most out of the site - in terms of contacting people etc. You all seem to have great pages with design etc which are mush more interesting to read.
Sarah, I think we should talk about meeting for walks as I live quite near Little Venice.
I look forward to the following weeks and I'm sure it'll come my turn one day to help out with the encouragement.
Talk soon I hope
Trish x


Hopeful for the future
Hi Johnny,
You've done really well in 3 weeks! It must be inspiring to lose so quickly. I can't wait for Tuesday to weigh in. I do think that I have to start adding exercise early and I was thinking of swimming - but might wait until the swimsuit looks a bit better on me :)
Good luck


Hopeful for the future
Wow... 57 lb lost in 10 weeks! I bet you're proud of yourself....
Trish - I sooooo know that Friday night you're referring to! Mine was always a great old time in the pub and a take-out. Beware of the deprived thoughts is all I can say! I'm so thrilled that I've really and truly got over the deprivation stuff that I felt at the beginning. You're not missing out on anything, you're gaining a lot of insight instead. As a life long party princess, seriously, if I can break the cycle of the pub = loads of booze = big takeouts = hangover breakfast then absolutely anyone can!
I still get the biggest kick ever from knowing that you don't have to have a drink when you're in the pub, and you definitely don't need to stop off at the Indian take-away on the way home. It's a fantastic achievement for me and I'm sure it will feel just as great for you :)


Hopeful for the future
Thanks Tiger Girl,
Although I don't party it up as much these days (old age!) I know exactly what you mean about the drinkies, the takeaway and the full breakfast to help the hangover! Great to hear from someone who knows.
I notice you started off with as much to lose as me - but wow you're well on the home run now aren't you?
I must admit, this place is great to get inspiration - so many people having so much success. I'm hoping I'll never stop getting a wow each time I come in.
Have a nice weekend Tiger

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