First weigh in

skinny, thats fantastic, well done you:D Don't forget to change your ticker!!!!
Well it is offical,

I am now 7 1/2 lbs lighter after 5 days on CD. I cant believe i have lost it.

Roll on week 2

Skinny x:)

Hi skinny,

Well done on your 7 1/2lb weight loss in five days

That is brill incentive for the weekend ahead.

I hope you have your before photos done and measurements, as you won't believe the difference in yourself in six weeks time.:)

Love Mini xxx
Thank you both,

I am sooooo happy.

I think i did my ticker wrong is there a thread on how to do the ticker properly. I cut and paste the ticker but only the picture of it, silly cow not skinny cow, so i cant update it.

Cheers x

The above thread should help.

You now have to use a pin number and then when you to back to the ticker factory all you have to do once you insert your pin number is update your tracker there and it will automatically change here on MiniMins.

You do not have to reinstall it each time.

That is providing that you did not just copy and past it into your signature but used the bb code.

If you need any help please let me know.

Love Mini xxx
Thank you Blitz,

It is this site and the help of my auntie (also on CD)that has gotten me through my first week.

So a big thank you to all xxxx
Well done SkinnyCow - you're on your way to becoming one too :D Great loss after just 5 days, way to go :)
What a fab loss in just 5 days well done skinny! :D
Wow well done!!! Thats amazing for just 5 days in!
Cheers Big-Pudding,

Just been reading your thread, day one is hard but it does get better. I am on day 5 and cant believe i am here.

keep drinking loads of water to fill you up.

you can do it !!!
Hi Skinny,

I knew you could do it!! Fantastic loss... Well done!

Tiara x