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Flippin eck!!

i posted a few days ago about our boiler packing up so we have no hot water or heating.
i have been freezing cold since starting LL - i don't think i could physically get more clothes on..

anyway, its fixed - hurrah!

My treat each day is a lovely long soak in the bath after cooking for the kids, and i have been really missing doing this since last week

so, i go to fill the tub and .... the plug has gone?!


i have turned the house upside down looking for the blinking thing, its nowhere!!!

help! any ideas where it could be anyone?!

i can't even use one from anywhere else in the house as they are those pop up ones.

i am so disappointed - and can't be bothered to go to B&Q.

daisy x
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Surgically happy.
LOL! Sorry - shouldn't laugh.

Get your hubby to stand in the plug hole, heel first to create a seal. If he loves you, he'll do this.

Or he'll go buy you a plug ;)

My boiler just scraped through it's service today - than goodness - as it's going to take me a couple of years to save for a new one.
Daisy I totally sympathise as our boiler packed up 3 days ago are waitng for the guy to come round tonight and hopefully fix it. I don't normally feel the cold due to excess padding.....but I'm colder than ever, whats worse we have a7 month old baby to think about too. Nightmare.
lol andy
would do except he's not home til friday!
daisy x


Surgically happy.
Bah - typical man, always some excuse. Where are you, I'll come stand in your plughole. lol.

Anyway, how about jamming a facecloth it there, or sellotaping clingfilm/plastic? Think outside the box!
erm... not sure hubby would be too impressed by your generous offer, but thanks anyway!

outside the box....ok, will get my thinking cap on
daisy x
oo er missus -
i've not got one, sounds as if it could be fun tho, lol!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
lol! I agree boilers packing up are a living nightmare, my OH and I live in a rented flat, and landlord refused to fix it for 6 months! SO hardly any hot water at all, and no heating in the dead of winter! I was freezing even with about 6 layers on!

However, you may just have to brave a trip to B&Q... I mean you're equally put out just looking for the thing, may as well save yourself some further agony and just go and buy it. You can have your bath as soon as you do as a reward!!
Know what you mean Daisy. i'm always cold too. I'm known as The 4 Tops in our house!!!

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