followin on from the cd to sw thread


i love minimins me :)

I didnt wana crash the post so thought i would start my own here

I have around 6 n half stone to loose and I know its going to be a long journey

I have done cd before but quit cos couldnt hack no food for 3 months, i lasted about a month n lost nearly 2 stone, I love sw and know this diet will get me to target but i am impatient

I am now considerin doin cd for 1 week possibly 2 weeks to loose a stone(ish) then come back on sw, if i lost a stone n then only gained 2-3lbs i would still be an extra 10-12lbs lighter, and if i had a good loss the week after it would all even out to loosin a stone to stone n half in 3 weeks, am i bein crazy?

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The trouble with doing that is that most of the first weeks loss with CD (i.e - the big loss) is mostly water and glycogen which will go back on as soon as you go back to eating. So you do a week on CD and loose 7lb's but start eating again the following week you'll prob put on about 5lb straight away!

I did CD properly for about 8 weeks and lost 2 stone 7. Then I did CD for a few days then ate then did CD for a week then ate. Each time I restarted CD i'd lose between 5 and 7 lb's in a week. Each time I ate i'd put on 5 - 7 lb's in a few days! It became a viscious circle!

The other issue is that a VLCD slows your metabolism as well so using it for a few weeks then eating etc could mess things up for you....

I'm glad i did it for as long as i did as it gave me a kick start but I think if you plan on doing CD for a while it needs to be longer than a couple of weeks to make it worthwhile. Otherwise you're not eating and loosing the same in total as you would following any other plan!

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Agree with Loz Hun.

This isnt good for your body at all. Yes CD is good for shifting large amount of weight quickly, but you will gain again the minute you eat.
I know it takes longer, but you really are better off sticking to a plan that does work. Its far better for your health.
Im like you, Im impatient, but I now realise that I would rather eat myself slim than deprive my body. Cant face the side effects again either! Constipation and hair loss isnt fetching Lol!


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I understand how you are feeling impatient, i have had over ten years of different diets, all the faddy ones, every slimming class, every slimming tablet imaginable , chinese herbal slimming tea (which turned out to be bags of bark) as i wanted a quick fix. Finally ten years later and about 7 stone heavier than when i first started out to lose weight i have learned that even though i'm impatient there is no quick fix. I have decided to aim for 1-2lbs per week no matter how long it takes me.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do. Funnily enough the cd is the only diet i have never tried!! x