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food / activity / emotions diary Nicolaann

Thought after seeing most of the advice given out was to keep a diary i would start. I am now on the day before 1st xenical weigh-in so 6days in and finding it good so far only side effects are lots of wind but ive noticed the more exercise i do the less wind i get!
heres my last weigh in stats
19st6.2lb or 123.5kg
normal weight 9st1- 11st 4

im currently carrying 10st1 fatmass around (all acording to tesco scales!)

aim 11st 6 so 8stone to go!

heres yesterday

slimfast shake 225cals
skinnycow 90cals
slimfast shake 225cals
weighwatchers chilli wedges 230cals
ainsley harriot cous cous 360cals
magnum 260cals (my bad moment of weakness.. never read the lable after or during eating!!)
gym 35mins cardio + 2mile walk
skinnycow 90 cals
total cals 1480 (304 burnt in gym)

sofar today

slimfast shake 225cals
skinny cow 90 cals
slimfast shake 225cals
ww nachos 77cals
monster munch 108cals
chicken breast 300cals
skinny mayo 30cals
totilla wrap 120cals
calories today 1175 give or take a salad!
planning on gym too

just need to decide on dinner ????
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I hope everything goes well for u good luck. I love the weightwatchers meals they really r tasty, I'm used to eating alot (I used to eat a large portion of chips, large doner kebab and a 1/2lb cheeseburger all in one sitting) so I normally bulk up my meal with lots of fresh veg so that it looks like a huge meal, mind over matter kinda thing :)
yeah ive been doing that like the ww or good for you lasagne with a portion of steam veg.. im surprised how easy it is!
yesterday bad day .. eeek
didnt eat anythin all day till evening where i had a large mint aero, 1/4 of a large galaxy cookie crumble a wispa gold, and a bulmer pear cider bottle and chicken burger and chips from the take away! and i was staying out and forgot my tablets... nasa's computers are working out exactly how many cals that is right now they said they would let me know when thier computer came ou of meltdown! lol..
burger 442 + 256 fries + 675 aero + 252 galaxy + bulmers 244 + 260 wispa gold = 2129 eeekkk OMG cant belive i got through that many cals in one eve good job i was too busy to eat during the day! must do better!

today isnt much better im afraid
salsa toasted twister meal only saving grace diet coke. 515 for the twister + 256 cals = 771 cals so far
and a ridiculous amount of fat.. but i did take my tablet after 30mins so i will pay!
1/4pt or cider with diet lemo 65cals
836 so far... 2omins done in gym today
ww chilli 228
ainsley harriot cous cos 360
ww desert 196
total 784
total for day 1620
bad day but have been the gym and taken tablets draw a line under it and start tomorrow afresh..
We all have off days Hun u will get there it's taken me 3 weeks to train myself, I used to eat a large doner kebab, large chips and a 1/2 lb cheese burger all in one sitting!!! I still crave this food now it's like an addiction. But be managed to calm it down and do other things instead. Xx
yeah im with u i had the same habbits but although ive calmed them down weekends with my friend are the hardest ive had to be so strong! well get there!
bf:shake 225
lunch:shake 225
dinner: ww lasagne + veg 253
30g reduced fat coleslaw 36
ww bread slice 49
ww desert 163 total 501
total so far 951cals
snacks ww desert 163
ww tortillas 77
philly extra light 38
total 278
grand total for day 1229 cals with no cheats!
remembered to take all my tabs today too!
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it all began so promising today untill stress happened..
today is written off and tomorrows a new one!
bfast oats so simple froo mcdonalds and pancake syrup
395cals 5g fat
lunch shake 225
dinner shake 225
snacks 255cals to play with
baked crisps 95
ww mexican chilli 228 + steamed mixed veg
ww dessert 1330

watching the england match.. wondering if its due totm soon as all i wanna do is eat! might have an early dinner and go the gym :)
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