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Food freak


is gonna shine in 2009
Ok so i seem to turn into a bit of a feeder and a food freak when i'm on VCLD's.

I want to feed anyone who will let me ( well not literally cos that's just weird lol ) but in the sense that i am always saying are you hungry? have something to eat! lol

oh and i drive people crazy by if they are eating i want to know if they are enjoying it, what's it like, is it good, and would you have it again LOL
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is gonna shine in 2009
oh and i sniff my childrens crisps to get my fix haha
yep do that 2! to everyone reading this please google
Minnesota Starvation Experiment

i hope this may help you realise why we become like that
My kids have never been offered so much food! Luckily they have sense enough to say "no thanks" if they're not hungry, but I really must reign it in a little unless I want them to be little porkers too (which I don't).
At the beginning I literally had to leave the room/house if there was food being prepared, I got really panicky and flustered! Now I love food smells, I can really savour them without being tempted. Was it Bisto kids that did that sniff thing? Well that's what I look like now :\
Not so much asking them all the time but making so much more effort towards what the family are eating:)

Although today me and the lo's made rice krispy cakes with sugar stars and I wanted to lick them:confused:

Tonight is cottage Pie Jacket Pots and the smell is making me drool!


I will never give up
im such a sniffer too my kids had one of those curly wurlys what i used to have when i was a tschool and i just kept smelling it for ages. my husband just gave me that weird look.lol


I will never give up
lol sorry didnt mean to remind you but they are the best.

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