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*food mentioned* help please

Going to a Brewers Fayre as MIL is insisteing. Don’t want to cause a scene as she will make a big fuss infront of my kids so will be eating...

What’s best considering I’m on SS+?

Cheese & onion Quiche&salad,
Jacket potato & beans
Jacket Potato & quorn chilli
Veg lasagne
Veg coconut curry?
Bageutte with chese & tomato

I hate having to eat, it’s not even food I enjoy that preheated pub crappy food, but that’s where we’re headed in an hour...

HHEEEEELPPPP what do I go for?

I’m veggie by the way so that cuts out some of the healthier options.
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Probably the cheese and onion quiche and salad - but just eat the soft bit of the quiche and leave as much of the pastry as you can get away with. Or the veggie curry - but stay away from the rice!

Don't do the spud and beans - that's pretty much all carbs.

In circumstances like this, it's often best to tell a bit of a white lie - e.g., you're not feeling very well and that's why you're not eating much. Most people understand that if you've got a gippy tummy you'll want to play it safe!

You'll probably be able to get away with pushing stuff around your plate if you eat slowly. Drink lots of water too.

Hope you cope, hun. Positive vibes coming your way :vibes:
Thanks Lily, that’s great advice!

Unfortunately MIL is staying for the weekend and is already probing me in front of impressionable DD as to whether I’m on a diet. Jeez as if that’s a great thing to talk about in front of a preteen girl, silly woman. I just keep telling her I’m eating healthily and changing the subject, but she just insists talking about weight when the kids are around. I don’t want to to tell her about CD as she’s such a gossip everyone will know and it’s something I’m keeping to myself to stop the saboteurs that usually enjoy tempting me with fatty food.
Drives you mad, doesn't it? :sigh:

But it's no one's business but yours, remember that. She can push, but you don't need to say anything. Funny how some people think diets are public property. Although it kind of sounds like she's got some issues with diets? Well, if she has, that's her issue, not yours.

Anyway - hope you manage to have a good time - and if you do end up eating slightly more than you meant to, don't panic. If you just carry on this evening as though it never happened, you'll be fine, I promise!
Well yes she is rather portly herself, so has an unhealthy interest (nosey cow!) in my eating habits.
Well I'm back and had the quiche filling and the salad (&dressing). It was only kind of edible and I am pee'd off wasting calories on that food. it has made me hungry, how insane is food, actually making me hungry again as soon as I've eaten, no wonder I got so fat!

Oh well, back to the good old CD for the rest of the day.


hoping for a good loss
Well done hun, sounds like MIL is a bit of a control freak. Get back on track now sweetie and hope MIL is gone home soon
Aw, well done. It's pants that it actually wasn't all that nice. Hope the hunger pangs bog off soon (maybe with your MIL? :D)
x x

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