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Food programmes?

hey thats one of my fave programs hun, i love it and can get it in boxsets in each season lol on my bt vision on demand, its brill, i loved it before and really could not watch it for the first week or so but now, im addicted again and sit there literlly tasting thier dishes as they eat, i honesly think it help cos i think oooh ill try that when im done haha


Here we go again!
Has anyone seen Man v Food on Sky? OMG that programme is my fave at the moment. The things that man will eat and the size of them. I only fancy a bite of them but they all look so good!
Dont we just torture ourselves watching these programmes!!! I am addicted to Come dine with me - I absolutely love it. I actually find it helps me- how wierd is that!!

I have never watched Man v Food - must tune in tonight.

My own fav is the Barefoot Contessa - I love her programme though she is seriously over indulgent.


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WOW - this is sooo funny, but I literally loooove watching food programs now & read tons of nutritional food stuff online. It's so therapeutic for me like nothing else! I thought it would be the exact opposite, since I know I won't be able to eat anything for the next few months.... It's funny the way things work :) Am getting ready to watch the master chef tonight & can't wait LOL


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Oh no, I couldn't - that would have me heading straight to the fridge atm. Mind you I'm only day 5 - maybe the foodlust leaves you after a while...?
yea wterrworks i was the same in first few weeks but now i love to watch them

and also im finding when people visit iwant to feed them lol, my cousin just been and ive been offering her jam tarts which i made today along with buns for the kiddies and choc bars haha she wss like no i dont want one haah, i think im goig daft

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