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food take outs and booze

Hi all you lighter lifers just been doing some calculations on the cost of my usual food treats and suddenly L.L is ACTUALLY saving me so much money.
8 cans of cider a week 2 bottles of wine at least £20. A take out for the family from the indian £25.00 the grocery shopping bills have reduced by £30... a week just checked some recent receipts.
Also Christmas will be much cheaper because wont feel the need to take all family or go with pals for meals, drinks instead will do cinema,walks visits to local parks and explore the city a bit.

This is part of my journal today re a reality check Bye for Now Maria:)
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Your 100% right Marie. I spent endless amounts on lunches, take aways and boozing!! and now I pay a set amount and thats its - altho have been spending on bottles of water instead lol.


Back to the grindstone!!
Ah the bottles of water, I am getting good at sniffing out a bargin and all my friends tell me if they see any special offers on the wet stuff!!! lol
My tap water tastes of soil so not so nice but I'd rather buy water than the rubbish I used to buy!
Loving your Avatar Scot, you nutter!
Maria you are so right I recently started to buy loads a Cr..p again as I am aming a diet crisis and my god you dont realise just how much extra all those 'extras' that you dont really officially buy becuase they dont exist and no one else sees them coz you eat them on the way home etc.
Keep it up girl you are astar

Deb G

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Yup - me too. Used to spend at least £60 a week on food just for me, then the cider and wine, then the takeout on a Tuesday and the pub meal on a Friday - I'm saving TONS of cash!!!
I agree.. have saved a fortune so far... all the bars of choc on the way home or at the petrol station..all the extra goodies at the supermarket....

Think of all the extra cash you will have saved to buy lots of sexy new clothes lots of sizes smaller :))
VERY true...

I worked out (god knows how I afforded it) I used to spend:

£12ish a day at the pub for lunch - Monday-Friday
£80 a week at ASDA
about a tenner on snacks and general rubbish at the petrol station after feeding the car!
and...... roughly £2 a day or more rubbish like choccy and crisps!!

Oh and then I might stop off at Greggs and buy cakes/donuts for my team at work a few times a month!!!

This diet is going to leave me rich... HAHAHAHA!!!!

Now I spend £66pw on foodpacks...
7 bottles of evian for about a fiver... and 7 bottles of fizzy for about a fiver...(or sometimes I drink good ol' tap water so I save even more!



Happily pro pointing!
I have found that the tesco value sparkling (they do still too) water doesn't taste any different to the expensive ones and is only about 17p per 2L bottle.
For still water I have invested in a Brita filter (they were on special off in Tesco, not sure if they are still).

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