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DO NOT EAT. Fight it. If you don;t you will just prolong the agony. I was climbing the wall on day 4 but stuck with it and woke up day 5 a different person!!! Please persever. Remember how much you wanna be slim!!! It gets easier - believe me!!!;)


Step away from the chips!
Totally agree with Jax - hang in there. I'm in week 2 now & finding it a heck of a lot easier than the first week. Just think how good you'll feel when you see the loss on the scales in a couple of days x


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I was running an event on Wednesday, the caterers had decided to feed the 5000 rather than the 60 I had ordered for, there was a ton of food left over and frankly I could have stood at the end of the table and inhaled the lot! Very glad I didn't now. Just went and got a nice jug of water and drank that instead :)
Hang in there and get bf to eat his chinese away from you, in fact maybe go visit a friend for an hour or take a long soak in the bath while he's stuffing his gob with evil fat laden food and get him to de-stinkify the house before your return so that you dont feel hard done by :)
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Hmm, long term goal versa short term need. I am feeling for you! And I will not tell you not to eat because I have caved in at this point too often myself, but I have some thoughts for you.........

Just think that the only time you can contribute to achieving your long term goal is right now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday but today.

How proud will you be tomorrow if you do not give in today?

Good luck!!!!!!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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The best thing to have....

A nice long, luxurious bath, go for it..... candles, music the works.
Go and buy yourself some nice smelling mosturiser and a new nail polish. After your soak smother yourself in cream and paint your nails. You'll feel so clean and relaxed you wont want your bf any where near you with his smelly chinese.

Plus less likely to cave to eating with wet nails.....

just a thought. :)

Bang on with how great you'll feel tomorrow having not caved. Read some threads people have written the morning after they've eaten and you'll soon see it wont be worth it.
Ah the Day 4 "Wall"

Get to Day 5 and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.
DONT DO IT!!! ITs really not worth it!!!! So far this week i have had to sit through my partner eating spag bol & garlic bread (my fav), home made steak pie & mash (yum yum), Pizza (the smell was divine) and a Takeaway Indian!!!! I nearly lost the plot last night and was about to give in and have some mash but boy am i glad i didnt cos today (Day 5) i got weighed by my CDC and have lost 8.75 lbs!!!!! so all that abstaining has done wonders for my waistline!!

Just remember the reason we r here in the first place is to rid ourselves of the blubber caused by the above - it will get easier but whilst he is having his chinese u have a lovely bubble bath - thats helped me alot this week.

Caz xx
NO NO NO - dont do it. Your friend Mr Ketosis is just around the corner with his warm blanket of loveliness to smother you and make you feel all happy about yourself and the new you that is gonna pop out at the end. Drink water and feel thin


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