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For those who have moved from ww

Hi there,

For those who have moved from WW, what made you change to sw and are you pleased you made the change? How have your results been on sw compared to ww?

I have always been a die hard ww but on the old points plan and just can't get to grips with propoints so am keen to try sw. I especially like the fact that with sw we can all eat as a family but am worried in case it doesn't work for me.

ANy thoughts much appreciated x
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I moved back due to sts and with ppoints I started to mess about and put weight back on! Or just not do it and maintain. It's a massive shock if u hav not done sw before u wont believe how much u can eat !! go for it u won't regret it and at least ur not giving up ur just trying something new. Good luck

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I switched from ww to sw about 8 weeks ago because I was constantly hungry on ww, my head was always on food, how many points I'd had, how many I had left, what I could squeeze out of them etc etc. It was more point efficient to have ready meals which got very boring and I really didn't like the propoints thing either.

Sw on the other hand, I've not felt deprived once, there's an endless list of food choices and you can virtually have whatever you want. It's far healthier and much more satisfying. The only slight down point is that the losses have been slower that they were with ww, but I'd rather have it come off slowly and be happy than suffer hunger and slightly faster losses! Give it a go! If your anything like me your head will boggle for the first week but it's definitely worth it! Good luck x
I moved from WW to SW as it suits the types of food I eat and I can let my appetite decide how much I eat of a meal rather than points so I'm less likely to cheat and snack on rubbish.
Ive just had one weigh in since I switched and lost 5lbs so think the diet must agree with my style of eating. Most of my friends are still doing pro points and loving it but it just wasn't right for me.
Ive done WW in the past but I spent all my points on unhealthy food, i've done SW before and been more successful with it so went back to it and now i eat more than my 5 a day fruit and veg and eat extremely healthily my relationship with food has changed with SW but with WW i could eat crap and loose weight which in the long run isn't so good.
Hi i too have done both ww and sw

Definatly think that sw is for me. so much to eat i dont get hungry and as long as I plan my syns i can still have treats. I eat out a fair bit and stick to steak and jacket or chicken. friends dont believe I eat what I do and still stick within my allowance!!
I too am a convert from ww. I lost 3 1/2 stone on ww (and put most of it back on) but from day 1 I have not felt hungry on sw. I eat obscene amounts of food, have had nights out, have chips or pizza (syn free) every weekend, so am one happy bunny. As a veggie, the green plan is fab.
I championed WW for years having not even tried to understand SW at all. I'd heard about red/green days, decided it sounded too complicated and disregarded it.

Lost loads on the old points plan and thought it was fabulous. However, all of my points were "spent" on what I can only call "Low Point Crap". I lived off French Fries, Curly Wurleys, celery and ready meals. Granted, I lost 3 and a half stone. I'm now doing SW because half of it is back on obviously because there's no WAY I could sustain that long term. For starters, I'm SICK of Curly Wurleys!

I had a rocky road with ProPoints three times and I just couldn't get on with it. Tried to do old points by myself to no effect.

I find I lose slower on SW generally and slower on certain days. Green for instance doesn't seem to be all that great loss wise, EE is ok and red seems to be going well BUT I'm never hungry, I'm eating a much healthier diet with fresh fruit and veg a lot more than I was on WW and I actually think I can sustain this plan for the long term. It's basic really. If you want meat and potatoes, eat a third salad. If you want pasta, don't have meat. If you want meat, don't have potatoes. Obviously there's more to it than that but as a skeleton, that's pretty much it.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
8 years ago I lost 6 stone in 6 months with WW, I was within 1/2 stone of my goal weight but couldn't sustain it because i was starving hungry a lot of the time. Unsurprisingly I gained about 4 1/2 stone back on.

I started SW 11 months ago, I had lost 1 1/2 stone but due to ill health during the last 4 months I have gained some. But I am feeling much better and I KNOW that once I am back on track fully and following the plan properly the weight will come off for sure.

I do EE - I find it "forces" me to have 1/3 of my plate veg or salad and encourages me to eat more fruit, basically the way EE is structured you eat far more salad, veg and fruit -which is good. Also you will never be hungry, if you are you are not following the plan correct and you get to have treats every day if you want them (I always have a treatsize chocolate bar about 9 pm at night to satisfy my sweet tooth.

SW is ideal if you like your food, have a hearty appetite and are not good at restricting yourself.
Sorry to gatecrash but just wanted to thank everyone for their replies as this has been very helpful for making my mind up! I also lost about 4 stone with the old WW by using points on mainly crap and regained the weight unfortunately. When I finally decided to do something about it I tried the new system but found it too much hassle with all the extra numbers you need as I used to be able to work out the old one in my head but cant with the new one. So for the last few months I have been on a VLCD and although it worked well at first I'm really struggling with it now and having looked at all the diets on this site (for distraction lol) I'm gonna go for SW and try my first meeting tomorrow night!

Sorry for the ramble!!! :brainfart:
I have done nearly every diet going. Ww, slimfast, dukan, Atkins, lighterlife. Each time i hoped that they would solve my weight problem. I'm the world best dieter but worse maintainer. I list 6 stone with lighterlife and had no blips. 2 years later I was bigger than when I started. I love slimming world as it genuinely seems sustainable. I dont want to speak too soon due to my ok'd track record. Buts it's the first diet that I don't feel hungry on and can keep a social life!! Good luck. I hope you enjoy slimming world as much as I am! Xx


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I couldnt get on with the new pro points at all with WW. I found i was either gaining slightly or maintaining every week. I also get bored of tracking all my points very quickly then it used to all go out the window. I love SW in that you know what you can and can't eat, the only things you need to work out are your 5-15 syns you dont need to count every single thing on your plate so i find it easier to stick too.

Im still fairly new to SW but have lost 9lbs so far and i'm not starving all the time like i was on WW. Feels like a diet that i can sustain for longer as its just a change in habits so doesnt feel so restrictive.

good luck x :)

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