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Forgive me for I have sinned


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Ok, day 1 of SW and I've only gone and made a whoopsie!!

I was just cracking open an Easter egg for my little man and its broke into pieces.... As I was putting it into the bowl some of it just jumped and landed straight in my mouth!!! (my hand may have assisted it a little!)

I know its not a major biggy and Im not going to stress about it, but I wondered if anyone else had sub conciously ate something they shouldnt have without realising???

:D xx
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Now to maintain.....
dont worry about it and most importantly dont think 'oh ive screwed up so it doesnt matter,i'll eat more rubbish'.
have you used all your syns today?? do you really mean just a little bit/mouthful??
if so it really doesnt matter you can syn it roughly,i tend to over syn things in these circumstances to cover yourself.

and yes i have to stop myself from doing this fairly often,its so easy isnt it - damn kids,lol.


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It really only was a little bit, prob 1-2 cm by 1-2 cm. I will syn it just to be good, heheehe maybe 1 syn? LOL I've only had 2 syns so far today so need to add some in anyway. But Im thinking I will have marg in my jacket pot to make the syns, Im not sure I can fit in anything else other than my apple and orange I need to have after tea!

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