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Freezing food

Going to show myself up as completely useless now but where I always end up coming unstuck and eating rubbish is when I'm too tired to cook.
I actually much prefer homemade breaded chicken to sho bought stuff and now we've got an actifry homemade chips are yummy too.
So if I chop up my potatoes when I've got some spar time can I then just freeze them or do I need to par boil them or something. Will they all stick together?
Same ges for homemade breaded chicken, after i've coated chicken in egg and then bread crumbs can I just freeze it like that ready for cooking?
Sorry if these are really obvious questions!
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I would blanch/par boil the chips first just chop them into chips get a big pan of water boiling away put them in for 5 mins and then take out dry as much as possible then freeze if you freeze them flat like in a baking tray and then once frozen put them ina bag and they will be easy to take out! The chicken as already said is fine as long as not already frozen and they will also freeze flat and then put ina bag! I freeze everything! Xx
Thanks guys :0)
The reason I was unsure about the chicken is cos freezing egg seems bizarre
All I've got to do now is make space in my freezer! lol
I always have some SW chips in the freezer. I par boil them for about 4 minutes first then dry them off and leave to cool before putting them in the freezer. They taste just as good. I'll make a huge batch which is time consuming but then it saves time on evenings and all the peeling, chopping and parboiling is done!


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I freeze SW chips and wedges, but I'm uber lazy and don't bother par boiling them :eek:, just sling them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer. I do the same with bags of roasting veg, like peppers, onions, parsnips, carrots and butternut squash. I also freeze my leeks. Infact, if the cat stood still long enough, chances are I would freeze him too :D

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sorry tinytootz must have wrote that at the same time!! do they cook well then from frozen? been reading around on websites and they all say to blanch them


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Aye, they cook well in my opinion, but I do them in the oven, rather than an actifry. I guess without parboiling, they get a little crispier/firmer on the outside, but they do me fine :)

I would suggest you try it out, one bag parboiled, one bag not

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