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friday weigh in

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by caroline1985, 26 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    hello im carolne was wondering if someone could help me im wanting to loose 2 stone by 11th june is this possible? 10 weeks x
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  3. mob

    mob Member

    Hi Caroline, i'm michelle! It is possible, ish. I've just got my 2st award, think in 11 wks. It depends on a few things really i think. If ur just starting out u'll loose a good bit the first week, it also depends if u've got a good bit to loose, i hear some complain that it doesnt come off as fast if u dont have too much to loose! Also if ur diet was really bad before hand, ( mine was) it'll come off faster with healthier eating. You'll have to b really strict on urself, limit ur syns. Dont know if u drink alcohol but if u could cut it out for the 10 weeks then u'll notice the lbs coming off. It is possible but tough. Goid luck. Let us kno how ur doing.xx
  4. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    Hoya Michelle how are you? 2 stone that's brill well done. How long has that taken you? I have slit to loose like 5 stone in all my problem is sound weird but I don't eat enough if I'm hungry I eT the wrong things which all the calories add up. If I was to go out cause I have a few party's coming up what's best to have vodka and diet lemonade or coke. X
  5. mob

    mob Member

    Hi ya, all good here!! I started sw on the 8th jan, did great in jan 18lbs, not so great in feb 6lbs, or now march only 5lbs but at least its coming down... 2st 1lbs :). Have about another 3st to loose so will have to step it up a bit ie introduce some exercise which i'm not looking forward to ! When i go out i drink vodka and diet coke ,any diet mixer is fine, 4syns a measure:( but u gotta live. Have u started sw yet? I want to have as much gone as possible by summer say mid june, would b lovely to enjoy any good weather this year not like last year heat wave where i hid indoors fully clothed( in black) because i was too embarrassed to strip off, sounds depressing...it'll prob p#$$ down all this summer, ha ha.
  6. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    Hey well done for your losses, that's fab. I stated on Monday just kinda getting into it. I'm going on holiday in June so I'm aiming to loose as much as possible by then. 2 stone if I can. I have 5 stone to loose all together. What helps u stay srong? Do u exercise now? X
  7. mrspom87

    mrspom87 New Member

    I am hoping to do the same. I have lost 1st1lb in just over a month so keep at it! xx
  8. hopeful2013

    hopeful2013 Member

    Hi, I recently joined slimming world, had my first weigh in last Friday and lost 6lbs :) but I do have LOTS to lose! :-/ it's a start though :)

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