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fridays * hour by hour * thread


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones well

nearly the weekend, anyone got plans?

well nothing going on here, have to rein in the spending as the washing machines not working properly, darn thing wont stay on a program, just ticks round and round so will have to save up and get a new one asap since lil madam is a refluxer so we get thru lots of bedding and clothes, i NEED my washing machine :(

well so far today im 1L of water down, no shakes yet, i start those later in the day
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Hey Claire
I remember those reflux days. My DS2 had a hiatus hernia soeverything came up over himself and everything in a 4 foot radius ... sympathies for you.

well I am 1.5 litres of water down. I have decided to try up my water intake, at the minute I am only managing 2 litres a day and I have read over and over here that the CDers are doing 4 litres ... maybe it will help speed up my WL. :)

I have no plans for the weekend as of yet, though I am sure we will end up painting something or doing some job around the house. We have been in 6.5 years now and everything needs doing just now.


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Hi Ladies,

Sorry about the machine, Claire. I was supposed to pick my DS up at the airport this morning (coming back from uni in the US) -- and his flight got cancelled due to mechanical problems. He is supposed to fly out today leaving in about an hour (fingers crossed). He'll arrive back in the UK on his birthday if all goes well. So, my weekend plans are get up at o'dark thirty and drive to Gatwick to get my son. Then, get him home and celebrate his 19th birthday with him and his sister.

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please try again
hey mel, good to see you. hope your sons flight is uneventful and you all enjoy the celebrations

yeah the reflux isnt much fun, i was told she would out grow it by the time she turned one but shes nearly 5 now and its still here

well 3L of water down and 1 shake so 2 shakes and 1L of water to go


please try again
yay ive booked our holiday, lol

we got a grant thru a disabled charity for a haven holiday, were going on the 3rd of september due to the cost ( you get a certain amount from the charity and have to top up the rest of the money ) im so excited, hope we still have some good weather and am worried now that i might have booked it for madams first week at her new school, whoops


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Hi Claire -- Why is your daughter changing schools?


P.S. My son got back okay -- but it was a hectic trip to say the least.


please try again
hey mel, glad your son got back

shes changing schools as shes currently at a school for children with profound and multiple disabilitys, so those children with the worst issues. shes been there for 2 years and has made progress and is now one of the most able in her class ( there moving her best friend too ) i looked around a school for moderate disabilitys and an intergrated resource unit and hated them both, neither had any idea how to approach kaya so weve fought for her to be moved to a small catholic mainstream school and she will go with one to one support
Claire, good luck with the school move :D


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Hey Clare,

Good for you. You know your daughter better than anyone and can make the best "guesstimate" ata to what will suit her. There is no way to be 100% certain, but you are doing your best. Will her friend transfer to the same the school?

I am fairly certain that we have found the "best of the workable options" for Julianne's secondary school (2011-2012). My daughter is upset that none of her friends will be at this school -- but not all of her classmates go to the same secondary school, and even if they did -- the school is huge and there is no guarantee that they'd be in the same house, much less classes.

Keep me posted on Kaya, 'kay?

MinnieMel aka Melissa

At the school we are hoping to place her in -- there are a special programmes for speech and language, and hearing impaired students. She will no longer be the "only one" with this type of challenge (she is currently in a Church of England Primary School).


please try again
hope the school works for her hun, im sure she will makes lots of new friends once shes settled there.

i remember when i went to secondary school, most my primary school went else where and i was in a different band and classes to those who went with me, had a new friend group by the end of the week, lol

ive got her proposed statement thru and its rubbish, it mentions no specific one on one time just that she would benifit from it. was full of oportunity for, benifit from, access to..... which basicaly means nothing and means they dont have to pay for it. i have access to nice local resturants but i dont get to go and i would benifit from a carribean holiday but that wont be happening anytime soon either

im so angry at them, they also have not named the school saying they are still discussing it with the catholic school so they could end up naming the awful local mainstream that are on emergancy measures and are badly failing special needs kids

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